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Ques:- $${60840} / {234}$$ = ?
A. 225
B. 255
C. 260
D. 310
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Ques:- Achievements as a head in last companies
Ques:- Respected sir/madam, i have to face the bank po interview for the first time. i want to know whether i can converse in hindi at the interview as i can not communicate well in english. thanks.
Ques:- What kind of Ideal job you are looking for?
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i am looking for a cyber security expert job

Ques:- P and Q started a business with respective investments of Rs. 4 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs. As P runs the business, his salary is Rs. 5000 per month. If they earned a profit of Rs. 2 lakhs at the end of the year, then find the ratio of their earnings?
Ques:- You have a bucket of jelly beans. Some are red, some are blue, and some green. With your eyes closed, pick out 2 of a like color. How many do you have to grab to be sure you have 2 of the same?
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at least 2, at most 4….
2 if you get lucky the first 2 times you draw a jelly bean, 4 would be if in the first 3 tries you get one of each color and the next draw will get you 2 of the same color

Ques:- What is 'Pressure' for you?
Ques:- . The signature on one-rupee currency notes in India is thatof the:
A. Governor, Reserve Bank of India
B. The Secretary, Ministry of Finance
C. The Finance Minister of India
D. The President
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B. The Secretary, Ministry of Finance is the right answer

Ques:- In a certain year, the number of girls who graduated from City High School was twice the number of boys. If 3/4 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys went to college immediately after graduation, what fraction of the graduates that year went to college immediately after graduation?
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Ques:- Find the odd man out:
3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 19
A. 19
B. 17
C. 13
D. 12
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Ques:- Meaning of my name
Ques:- How many nos of hacking over concrete surface required for 1 sq m area
Ques:- Why would you choose to work here and not somewhere else?
Ques:- Three men A, B, C plays Cards. If one loses the game he have to give Rs.3. If he wins the game he will gain Rs.6. If A has won 3 Games, B loses Rs.3, C wins Rs.12.What is the total no. of games played?
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8 games They played
A own 3 games = 18 Rs
B loss 3 Rs and own 1 games i,e 9(A own 3 Games)-6(B own
1 game)=3
c own 12 Rs and loss 4 games(A own 3+b own 1) and own 4
games i.e 24(own)-12(loss)
so totally A own 3 games
B own 1 game
c own 4 games

Ques:- Rs.160 contained in a box consists of one rupee, 50 paisa and 25 paisa coins in the ratio 4:5:6. What is the number of 25 paisa coins?
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100×4x +50×5x+25×6x
then 400x + 250x + 150x = 16000
x = 20

25 paisa=6x = 20×6=120

so the ans is 120 coins

Ques:- It cost a college Rs.0.70 a copy to produce a Programme for the homecoming football game. If Rs.15,000/- was received for advertisements in the programme, how many copies at Rs.0.50 a copy must be sold to make a profit of Rs.8000/- ?
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Ques:- If he sells 40 mangoes, he will get the selling price of 4 mangoes extra, What is his percentage increase in profit ?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:06:

I have seen a few say 25% as an answer to this. But looks
like their math isn’t good and is extremeley complex to
have an asnwer of 25% to this question. Consider – Rs.1.00/-
per mango; so 40 mangoes = Rs.40.00/-, implies Rs.4.00/-
extra at the end of the deal. So he’s left with Rs.44.00/-
after selling 40 mangoes implies a profit of Rs.4.00/- over
Rs.40.00 = 44/40 = 110% which means his profit is 10%.
Hope this helps…

Ques:- if length of a rectangle is incr by 20% and width is decr by 20% then area
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we know,
b gets increased by 20% i.e (b+0.20b)
h gets decreased by 20% i.e (h-0.20h)
rewriting the equation(area=b*h),
i.e new area=0.96 times the original area
if 100% was the original area,it has decreased to 96%
so,100%-96%= 4%

Ques:- What is your big achivment?
Ques:- What percentage of numbers from 1 to 70 have squares that end in the digit 1?
A. 1
B. 14
C. 20
D. 21
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C. 20

Ques:- A man bought some fruits at the rate of 16 for Rs. 24 and sold them at the rate of 8 for Rs. 18. What is the profit percent?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:03:39:

cost price(c.p) of one fruit = 24/16
(c.p) = Rs 1.50
selling price(s.p) of one fruit = 18/8
(s.p) =Rs 2.25
profit for one fruit = 2.25 – 1.50 = 0.75
profit % = ———– * 100
cost price
= ——- * 100
= 50%

Ques:- If 12 distinct points are placed on the circumference of a circle and all the chords connecting these points are drawn. What is the largest number of points of intersection for these chords?
Ques:- The sum of five numbers is 655. The average of the first two numbers is 85 and the third number is 125. Find the average of the two numbers?
Ques:- How will you weigh the weight of a car without using any weighing equipment or technology?
Ques:- U r watching an inp. cricket match.Suddenly the tv goes blank. Write the steps u ll take to find the fault?
Ques:- (103.7 x 101.3)2 = 10?
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( c ) 10

Ques:- Why you join the hotel industry?
Ques:- Why Is there a gap in your work history?
Ques:- xy-x+2y = 6 equation is shifted to form equation xy=c what is c?
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so c is 4

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