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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Royal Caribbean Group.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Royal Caribbean Group.

Ques:- How to introduce ourself
Ques:- Give three things that you consider when looking for a job… And why?
Ques:- If on an item a company gives 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now give 10% discount then what is the profit percentage.(a) 40%(b) 55%(c) 35%(d) 30%
Recent Answer : Added by Soumyadip Dutta On 2022-09-02 17:02:21:

let MP = 100x
25% discount = 75x -> SP
Profit% = (Profit/CP)x100
125 = (75x/CP)x100
.: CP = 60x

Now if discount = 10%
SP = 90x
.: Profit% = ((90x-60x)/60x)x100 = 50%

Ques:- A man came from usa , he was fat so he decided to walk to reduce fat in his body. So he daily starts walking at exactly at 3pm he walks at 4km/hr for some distance and then 3km/hr on inclined road while going up. And 6km/hr while coming dow?
Ques:- Where from do you belong?
Ques:- What should we expect from you. Should we choose to hire you for the post ?
Recent Answer : Added by Damtew Girma On 2022-09-02 17:04:26:


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Ques:- Future plans, personal SWOT analysis, achievements etc
Ques:- Name some pvt banks
Ques:- Why am I interested in joining this company?
Ques:- 12 buckets of water fill a tank when the capacity of each tank is 13.5 liters. How many buckets will be needed to fill the same tank, if the capacity of each bucket is 9 liters?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-29 15:30:28:

Capacity of the tank =(12 x 13.5) liters =162 liters.

Capacity of each bucket =9 liters

Number of buckets needed = 162/9 =18.

Ques:- The sum of three consecutive integers is 102. Find the lowest of the three?
Recent Answer : Added by Nicolae On 2021-09-22 16:55:53:


Ques:- If four coins are tossed,then what is the probability of getting two heads and two tails?
Ques:- A motorcyclist goes from Bombay to Pune, a distance of 192 kms at an average of 32 kmph speed. Another man starts from Bombay by car 2 ½ hours after the first, and reaches Pune ½ hour earlier. What is the ratio of the speed of the motorcycle and the car?
Ques:- A train 540 meters long is running with a speed of 54 kmph. The time taken by it to cross a tunnel 180 meters long is?
Recent Answer : Added by Caroline On 2022-09-18 09:01:42:


Ques:- Describe about customer care executive?
Ques:- Balance the equation 101 – 102 = 1 by putting some operators in it?
Ques:- Give me three reasons proving you deserve this job?
Ques:- What are your achievements in life?
Ques:- What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?
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