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Top 10 Job Search Websites in USA

The United States provides millions of jobs through job search portals including international and local as well as paid and free. However, it is a tough task to identify a perfect portal to invest some money from your recruitment budget ...

Contact form 7 : Customize dropdown options

When we are creating drop-down with the use of contact form 7, we are facing the issues with the validation. If we take an option then in that case required validation message will not show while submitting the form because the value not blank in this case.

Sometimes to resolve this we take a blank option which look like “–“. This sign will show on front-end and it look odd when we are making a good professional website. (more…)

Contact form 7 : Redirect after form submit

Contact form 7 redirect after submit:-

Contact form 7 is a very good plugin, generally we are using it in form submission in wordpress. Normally it uses ajax for showing validation errors while filling the form. If all the values filled in the form are as per the requirement then a successful message appears after the submission through ajax. (more…)

Add class on li using wp_nav_menu()

wp_nav_menu add class to li in wordpress:-

Sometimes when we are implementing our menu in front-end using wp_nav_menu() function, we need to modify it in different way. Here we are discussing about adding class in each li comes under the ul.
For example we are having this structure to implement : (more…)