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Ques:- What are the differences between PHP3 and PHP4 versions?
Ques:- At present icici employee
Ques:- A man’s speed with the current is 15 km/hr and the speed of the current is 2.5 km/hr. What is the man’s speed against the current?
Ques:- A rocket is not a projectile until its
A. Energy is wasted
B. Energy is saved
C. Propellant fuel is not burnt
D. Propellant fuel is burnt
Ques:- How to assign attribute values to test cases?
Ques:- What is lock?
Ques:- Role of consumer bodies is
A. to exercise social control over the market
B. to make a plea of industry to exercise self control
C. to function as a watchdog
D. to maintain minimum standards of quality
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-21 17:25:24:

A. to exercise social control over the market

Ques:- He does unpaid work for the Red Cross.
A. Honourable
B. Honorific
C. Honorary
D. Honest
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-21 18:47:53:

C. Honorary

Ques:- What are access modifiers?
Ques:- What is the primary function of the Processing Program Table (PPT)?
Ques:- The advantage of LAN is
A. accessing the web
B. backing up your data
C. saving all your data
D. sharing peripherals
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-18 16:24:36:

D. sharing peripherals

Ques:- When the fan trap may exist in ER model.
Ques:- The first AT Systems have
A. 12 bit ISA Bus
B. 14 bit ISA Bus
C. 16 bit ISA Bus
D. 18 bit ISA Bus
Ques:- What is connector ?
Ques:- difference between mantis and other tools?
Ques:- The lift of an air plane is based on
A. Conservation of linear momentum
B. Law of gravitation
C. Bernoulli’s theorem
D. Torricelli’s theorem
Ques:- How to caluculate APFC panel rating, my running Load is 1320KW, Present P.F 0.76 to 0.8 we need 0.98 p.f
Ques:- What is some of the information available in the EIB area?
Ques:- OSI network model and protocols on Layer 2 and Layer 3
Ques:- How do I put a horizontal line in my document that moves when I add new text?

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