Terms & Condition

1. Acceptance of terms

Justcrackinterview.com provides different services to you based on the following terms of use. We can make changes to these policies without any information from you. You must review our updated terms of use in our terms of use section. You should aware of the terms, conditions, and website policies. Therefore, you should read the following policies information carefully.

2. Usage of this website

Justcrackinterview.com is an open database, which includes the number of questions and answers from various resources including users and guests from around the world. We have the vision to provide better knowledge from our resources, as we are continuously adding questions and answers by professionals. We are not providing surety of repetition of questions in same examinations and interviews. The main purpose of this site is to provide data and information to the public. Moreover, we are caring in the compilation and information gathering process from our genuine users. We don’t provide a guarantee and accuracy of the content, as data has been taken through various users. We won’t take any responsibility for the questions and answers. We are not providing better services that are useful for managing your knowledge and improve your potential. All the basic fundamentals are provided for improving your knowledge and practice. Thus, our information is collected from the public and it will be your own risk to use this site. We may calculate the authentic code and content on our website as well. All company’s name and trademarks that were published on this website are subjected to their respected companies and owners.

3. Registration into the website

Registration is an optional service of Justcrackinteview.com  for getting better knowledge. It is free and not mandatory for all visitors. They can register them for a better interface and users can modify their answers and manage their notification about any question and answer which is entertained by them. We are promising that the personal information of users that was collected during the registration process will NOT be shared and distributed among any other third parties. We will make sure that all the personal information will be safe and secure in our databases. We never verify information from any organization, as it is the responsibility of the subscriber. We reserve the right to delete and suspend any user account permanently anytime, in case of any inaccurate information of the user.

4. Anti-spam policy

We are against sending unsolicited emails or spam to our valuable users, as we provide only information to them which is related to them on our site. You should not use our services as your personal services as well as cannot use email services for commercial and personal purposes. You should agree with our policies at usages of our services. In case of violation of terms and conditions of policies in any manner subject to violation of laws and policies and it requires necessary action against the defaulters.

5. Copyright policy

Justcrackinterview.com is the owner of all the pages, data, and information, as all are part of its property. No one can allow redistributing in any form without the written permission from us. If, any content belongs to you on this site, please contact us with proper documents and authority on your property.

6. Privacy policy

The personal information of users on this site including email, mobile number, name, others will not be shared and distributed with any other third party at any cost. Justcrackinterview.com will use this data and information for our research and better services for fulfilling your purposes. Registration is not mandatory for users, as it is purely of visitor’s interest. We have reserved all the rights to make changes in policies at any time without informing to you. We will provide only significant changes to you through sending an email, which is provided by you at the time of registration.

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