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Ques:- The last Mahakumbh of the 20th Century was held at
A. Allahabad
B. Ujjain
C. Haridwar
D. Nasik
Ques:- What restrictions are placed on the location of a package statement within a source code file?
Ques:- What is MBR?
Ques:- What are peerless components?
Ques:- Explain the components shown on the home screen of wordpress.
Ques:- Will you be comfortable working in Chennai?
Ques:- The Old Stone Age implements had been discovered at ___
A. Villupuram
B. Pallavaram
C. Guindy
D. None of these
Ques:- What is the use of ROWS option in EXP command ?
Ques:- What does the unset() function means?
Ques:- Is command with the -a option will display
A. sorted files
B. all files including hidden fields
C. all files
D. sub directories
Ques:- How can I create Many to Many relationship?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-02-08 17:57:26:

Lookup and Master detail relationships are one to many relationships. We can create many to Many relationship by using junction object. Junction object is a custom object with two master detail relationships.

Ques:- Plants which grow in saline soil are
A. Halophytes
B. Lithophytes
C. Hydrophytes
D. Xerophytes
Ques:- What are qualified and unqualified SSA's.
Ques:- What kind of person would you refuse to work with?
Recent Answer : Added by Michelle On 2022-03-09 16:33:30:

A rude person who doesn’t respect me

Ques:- You are given two strings, remove the characters from the first string which are present in the second string. They asked me to write complete code in my any language. The code should handle all the cases.
Ques:- In an examination, 80% of the students passed in English, 85% in Mathematics and 75% in both English and Mathematics. If 40 students failed in both the subjects the total number of students is
A. 200
B. 400
C. 600
D. 800
Recent Answer : Added by Phani On 2022-03-09 16:41:44:

Percentage of people passed = (passed in eng) + (passed in math) – ( passed in both)
Which is 90% of students passed and 10% failed
10% of X = 40
X = 400

Ques:- You are given with two identical iron bars. one of them is magnetized and the other is not. u are suppose to find which one is magnetized. u are not suppose to use any other thing.
Ques:- How a button can be created dynamically ?
Ques:- In the medical system of treatment to relieve pains, called Acupuncture
A. electric shocks are applied
B. fine needles are pricked in the body
C. drugs are used
D. herbs are used
Ques:- How is the balance of an invoice derived ?

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