Top 10 Instant Loan Apps in India

In this article, we will describe the role of 10 instant loan apps in India that provide better services to their users in the long term. These apps are safe and fully secured as well as provide immediate case loans to users in India. We face many issues in our personal lives that are based on money sometimes. We all know that the loan applications process is a lengthy process, which is not suitable in emergency conditions. There were some traditional options available that include a lot of paperwork, which take a long time in multiple submissions. We have another option for taking loans through a credit which is required to pay a high rate of interest and asking a relative or friend could be an embarrassing situation in front of you.

Luckily, we survive in the Internet era that provides a quick loan, which is convenient and easier to manage loan applications. It is the best option in the present era for most people. You can easily gain money using any instant loan apps using scanned copies of your scanned documents. These are the top 10 instant load apps in India.


This is the first instant loan app in India. The most important part of this app is taking interest in that amount that is used by you only. It makes it more affordable for users. You must check it out on the play store.


PaySense is also used for instant loans in India, which was founded by Prashan Ranganathan and Sayli Karanjkar. You can submit your documents to know your limits and get instant loans through PaySense in an easy manner.

You need to submit all the necessary documents that are required by the applications and after that, you can apply for a loan based on your eligibility. PaySense will provide approval within 5 hours using your documents.


CashBean is another best app to take an instant loan in India. CashBean is one leading Platform designed to ease the lending process. An innovation of PC Financials Cash Bean is one of the premier and credible digital lending applications. Besides, the platform serves a large proportion of the Indian population through its intuitive and paperless loan disbursal mechanism. Moreover, CashBean aims to serve the unprivileged with short-term personal loans, and improve tenure options, so that customers find longer windows for repayment.

In addition to that, the platform is built on Machine Learning principles, to enable customers with better decision making. CashBean is one of the highest-rated lending apps (4.2 as of April 2021) in the Google Play Store. Adding to its swift application process, CashBean also has a reduced interest rate and processing fee on its loans recently. You can use CashBean for your next instant loan requirements in the future as well.


Dhani is the most popular instant loan apps in India, which will transfer loan amounts in your bank account based on the following documents, such as Adhar card, pan card, and others. You must install the Dhani app on your mobile phone to complete the whole processing.


This application will provide you better services, as it will transfer your loan amount to your account within the next 48 hours. You can get credit cards and credit reports using this instant personal loan app. It will be a better experience for you if you require an instant loan.


It is a highly used instant loan app for young professionals. KreditBee will provide instant loans up to 100000 rupees in India. This is the most popular instant app in India because it is a 100 % online process to take loans. Moreover, KreditBee carries out disbursement of the loan amount within the upcoming fifteen minutes in your bank account.

CASHe app:

This is a popular instant loan app for salaried persons. CASHe requires different documents for providing instant loans including PAN card, address proof, bank statements, and salary slips. Most of youngsters have used this app for instant loans in India.

Early Salary:

This is a popular app for instant loans, as salaried people have faced issues in few months to take advance money for solving financial issues. It will be suitable for managing the different types of financial needs of a salaried person. Early Salary will provide an instant loan of a minimum of 1000 rupees to 100000 rupees to fulfill your needs. You can use the EMI option to pay back your loan amount.


Nira is the latest instant loan app in India. It will provide a credit line of 1, 00,000 rupees based on your eligibility. Nira was founded in the year 2018 and it is not required a high credit score to take an instant loan. You can pay back your loan amount in easy installment in the period of 3 to 12 months.


Credy is the most popular app to take instant loans, as Credy will transfer loan amounts to a customer bank account based on your eligibility. Credy provides referral bounces to their customers as well. Besides, customer supports is best in Credy based on their customer’s feedback.

In conclusion, instant loan apps are highly used in India, as there are many financial needs in salaried as well as non-salaried customers. Based on many surveys, millions of people used these instant loan apps including Dhani, Nira, Credy, and others.

Top 10 Instant Loan Apps in India
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