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Ques:- Consider the following statements about natural numbers
(1) There exists a smaller natural number.
(2) There exists a largest natural number.
(3) Between two natural numbers, there is always a natural number.
Which of the above statement is/are correct?
A. None
B. Only 1
C. 1 and 2
D. 2 and 3
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Ques:- Why you want to come in this new field?
Ques:- You are standing on top of a tower of ht 200 mt. .At 100 mt. ht . from bottom of tower there is a peg where u can tie a rope. You have a rope of length 150 mt. with you and using this rope you have to get down the tower. you can not jump or there is nobody to help you. how will u get down the tower??
Ques:- 49 race cars and no two have the same speed. Now give you 7 tracks with equal length to find the 25th fastest car. At least how many races are needed.(no time recorder)
Ques:- Print the minimum number of measurements needed to spot the odd ball out among N balls.
Ques:- What is your hobbies
Ques:- Why are you leaving present company
Ques:- What is the full form of UTI?
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Urinary Tract Infection

Ques:- Can I pursue one additional professional course (MBA) with CA?
Ques:- When have you demonstrated leadership skills?
Ques:- . Biggest producer of sugarcane in the world(1) Cuba(2) India(3) China(4) Pakistan
Ques:- How will you manage security of v vip person
Ques:- Tell me something about your family?
Ques:- What are Testing Techniques
Ques:- What is the largest 8 digit prime number?
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9999991 (6k+_1) form

Ques:- A man takes twice as long to row a distance against the stream as to row the same distance in favour of the stream. The ratio of the speed of the boat (in still water) and the stream is:
Ques:- X, Y and Z are partners. X receives 2/3 of profits, Y and Z dividing the remainder equally. x’s income is increased by Rs.200 when the rate to profit rises from 5 to 7 percent. Find the Capital of Y?
Ques:- Three consecutive odd integers are in increasing order such that the sum of the last two integers is 13 more than the first integer. Find the three integers?
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Ques:- If a card is drawn from a well shuffled pack of cards, the probability of drawing a spade or a king is -.
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Spade 13/52 = 1/4
King 4/52 = 1/13
Spade OR King 13/52 + 4/52 – 1/52 (because the King of Spades is in both groups) = 16/52 = 4/13

Ques:- A started a business with an investment of Rs. 70000 and after 6 months B joined him investing Rs. 120000. If the profit at the end of a year is Rs. 52000, then the share of B is?
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