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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Energytech Global.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Energytech Global.

Ques:- Complete the series: 2, 5, 9, 19, 37, ……
A. 72
B. 74
C. 75
D. 76
Recent Answer : Added by PRASHANT YADAV On 2022-09-28 17:42:49:


Ques:- There are 100 men and 100 women on the dance floor. They want to dance witheach other. Then which of the following statements is always true:a) There are 2 men who danced with equal no. of women b) There are 2 women who danced with equal no. of men
Recent Answer : Added by bhaskar On 2021-08-04 15:54:14:

both a and b is correct

Ques:- You have given 12 balls of identical shape and a weighing compares. There is one ball defective among them. How will you find out the defective one and whether it is light or heavy in less number of weighing.
Ques:- How does this job fit in with your overall career goals?
Ques:- Number of zeros in the product of the first 100 numbers?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-28 19:16:12:

Number of zeros in product of n numbers =[5n​]+[52n​]+[53n​]+…
Number of zeros in product of 100 numbers =[5100​]+[52100​]+[53100​]
where [.] is greatest integer function

Ques:- What do you think about the Death Penalty?

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Ques:- If you'll be given a super power what it would be? and why?
Ques:- About myself and computer networking
Ques:- Which of the following is a major rubber producing State inIndia?1 Kerala2 Assam3 West Bengal4 Orrisa
Recent Answer : Added by BALAJI On 2021-12-09 18:40:15:


Ques:- Where from do you belong?
Ques:- Past employment details.
Ques:- Why want to leave
Ques:- The radius of a circular wheel is 1.75 m, how many revolutions will it make in traveling 1 km?
Recent Answer : Added by Shaikot On 2021-06-23 17:55:45:

(10×1000) / (2×3.1416×1.75) = 909 times (about)

Ques:- P and Q started a business with capitals Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000. After few months R joined them with a capital of Rs. 30000. If the share of R in the annual profit of Rs. 50000 is Rs. 14000, then after how many months from the beginning did R join?
Ques:- There are four prime numbers written in ascending order of magnitude. The product of the first three is 385 and of the last three is 1001. Find the fourth number?
Recent Answer : Added by GURUKISHORE On 2021-09-18 16:12:09:


Ques:- In an exam, Amar scored 64 percent, Bhavan scored 36 percent and Chetan 44 percent. The maximum score awarded in the exam is 800. Find the average mark scored by all the three boys?
Recent Answer : Added by Atif On 2022-12-05 16:13:45:


Ques:- A survey of a village showed that 1 / 10 of the total population speak neither Hindi nor English. 1 / 5 of them cannot speak English and 3 / 7 of them cannot speak Hindi. What percentages of people know only one language?
Ques:- What are your career options right now?
Ques:- What do your friends/co-workers say about you?
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