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Ques:- Subhash starts a business by investing Rs.25000. 6 months later Aditya joins him by investing Rs.15000. After another 6 months Aditya invests an additional amount of Rs.15000. At the end of 3 yeas they earn a profit of Rs.247000. What is Aditya’s share in the profit?
A. Rs. 105000
B. Rs. 111500
C. Rs. 130000
D. Rs. 170000
Recent Answer : Added by sujata On 2022-08-24 17:03:53:


Ques:- Five years ago, the total of the ages of a father and his son was 40 years. The ratio of their present ages is 4 : 1. What is the present age of the father?
A. 20 years
B. 30 years
C. 40 years
D. 50 years
Recent Answer : Added by kkrajj On 2022-03-09 16:26:57:

Let x be fathers present age and y be son present age.
5 yrs ago, the age of father and son be x-5 & y-5.
y=50-x ———–> (1)
ratio between father and son in present age
Apply eq (1) ,
=> The present age of father is 40.

Ques:- The total expense of a boarding house are partly fixed and partly variable with the number of boarders. The charge is Rs.70 per head when there are 25 boarders and Rs.60 when there are 50 boarders. Find the charge per head when there are 100 boarders?
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Ques:- How do energy saving management system work?
Ques:- What are examples of interview answers that ask about attention to detail?
Recent Answer : Added by Anam Rana On 2022-05-08 20:56:17:

I will reading IPad questions and Awsome

Ques:- Sanskriti Award 2006 for Literature has been awarded to?
Ques:- Which sport would you like to select as national game cricket or hockey and why
Ques:- 361 -> 22121 -> 1481 -> 1225 -> XWhat is the value of X?
Ques:- About family backgroud dependency & daily life routine
Ques:- Are you able to work alone without direct supervision?
Ques:- Why do you want to work with IBM?
Ques:- Find the missing number of the series 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, ..
Recent Answer : Added by Vishnu Das On 2021-10-13 14:55:31:

Answer is 16
1+(1) =2
2+(2) =4
4+(3) =7
7+(4) =11
11+(5) =16

Ques:- The speed of a boat in still water in 15 km/hr and the rate of current is 3 km/hr. The distance travelled downstream in 12 minutes is:
Recent Answer : Added by Blessy On 2022-08-14 16:45:57:


Ques:- The average age of three boys is 15 years and their ages are in proportion 3:5:7. What is the age in years of the youngest boy?
Recent Answer : Added by Vipul Shukla On 2022-01-08 16:05:02:

9 years
Bcz 3×3=9
Total = 45
Avg of this 45/3 = 15

Ques:- What is the average of first five prime numbers greater than 20 ?
Ques:- The sum of four consecutive even numbers is 292. Evaluate the smallest number?
Recent Answer : Added by priyanhu On 2022-04-02 07:00:15:

Thanq saddha

Ques:- A man whose speed is 4.5 kmph in still water rows to a certain upstream point and back to the starting point in a river which flows at 1.5 kmph, find his average speed for the total journey?
Ques:- A can do half the work in one day where as B can do it full. B can also do half the work of C in one day. Ratio in their efficiency will be?
Recent Answer : Added by nq On 2022-11-06 15:57:05:

1:2:3 or 1:2:4

Ques:- Find the smallest number which should be multiplied with 520 to make it a perfect square.
Recent Answer : Added by Bipul On 2022-03-09 16:42:16:


520 = 26 * 20 = 2 * 13 * 22 * 5 = 23 * 13 * 5

Required smallest number = 2 * 13 * 5 = 130
130 is the smallest number which should be multiplied with 520 to make it a perfect square.

Ques:- What three things do you need to be successful in this job? What are deal killers for you?

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