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Ques:- The schedule of Constitution of India contains special Provisions for the administration and control of Scheduled Areas in several states?
A. Third
B. Fifth
C. Seventh
D. Ninth
Ques:- The term Aryan denotes
A. A superior race 
B. A speech group
C. An ethnic group
D. A nomadic group
Ques:- Account number = Ok cancel For above given form the valid account number starts from 1 to 1000 so is it necessary to input the 1,2,3?.998,999,1000 test cases to check the conditions of valid account numbers I,e is it compulsory to write 1000 test cases for the above form
Ques:- What is database client?
Ques:- price of a product is reduced by 30% . What percentage should be increased to make it 100%
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:59:31:

30/100*142.85 = approx. 100
so ans is 42.85

Ques:- Can I have a web design for home page of sim tracking system?
Ques:- What is database check points? how many types are there?Explain?
Ques:- How do you load and unload external libraries?
Ques:- _____ clock is the ordinary clock with hour hand, minutes hand and second hand.
A. Analog
B. Formal
C. Hybrid
D. Digital
Ques:- How to trap Data Base Error?
Ques:- Which key is used to post entry in Debit Note in tally?
A. Ctrl+F8
B. Ctrl+F9
C. F7
D. F8
Ques:- Who wrote the book ‘Life Divine’?
A. Mulk Raj Anand
B. Abul Kalam Azad
C. Aurobindo Ghosh
D. Jawahar Lal Nehru
Ques:- The infective stage of Entamoeba histolytica is
A. Trophic form
B. Mature cyst
C. Sporozoite
D. Minuta form
Ques:- What is J2EE and what are the features of it?
Ques:- Which of the following is more reactive than magnesium?
A. Copper
B. Lead
C. Tin
D. Calcium
Ques:- What type of information would you store in the Service Catalogue?
Ques:- How many ways we can destroy the servlet in ur program
Ques:- Is it possible to select Test cases individually and as a group for execution in Functional Test Studio?
Ques:- int arr[] = {1,2,3,4} int *ptr=arr; *(arr+3) = *++ptr + *ptr++; Final contents of arr[]
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 10:33:56:


Ques:- How to calculate HRA in Income tax, give me Item list applicable for Tax deduction with their Amt limit and section (Ie Lta,grautity)

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