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Ques:- The GFC of an odd number and an even number is 13. The greater number is 39. What is the lesser number?
Recent Answer : Added by GAYNOR TADIWANASHE GONERA On 2022-08-14 16:43:28:


Ques:- Product of three consecutive nos. 210. What is the sum of two least numbers?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:28:

5 * 6 * 7 = 210 ,
Two Least No’s are 5,6
There fore 5+6=11 is answer

Ques:- Experince in any other Fields ?
Ques:- How will you measure height of building when you are at the top of the building? And if you have stone with you.
Ques:- What do you think about The President?
Ques:- Whatdid you do yesterday?
Ques:- Evrybody says to be truthful during the full ssb period .when asked to give one`s negative qualities should we betruthful here too ?
Ques:- ?Laterite Soil? is found in India in:(a) Western Ghats(b) Eastern Ghats(c) Deccan Plateau(d) Satpura region in Madhya Pradesh
Ques:- What kinds of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell me what you have devised.
Ques:- Which one of the following animals stores water in the intestine?
A. Moloch
B. Uromastix
C. Zebra
D. Camel
Recent Answer : Added by Racer On 2021-03-31 15:32:33:

Camel is the answer
Camel can store water for many days or months in there intestines

Ques:- Which of the following fractions is less than 1/3(a) 22/62 (b) 15/46(c) 2/3(d) 1
Recent Answer : Added by Anjum Parveen On 2022-03-09 16:31:41:


Ques:- About convenience?
Ques:- How can you grow international business of organisation & yourself too?
Ques:- What’s the most creative way you can break a clock?
Ques:- Give me an instance of when you finished very critical task
Ques:- You are a bug sitting in one corner of a cubic room. You wish to walk (no flying) to the extreme opposite corner (the one farthest from you). Describe the shortest path that you can walk?
Ques:- Ratio between two numbers is 3: 4 and their sum is 420. What is the smaller number?
Recent Answer : Added by DHARANI R On 2021-08-26 16:05:51:


smaller number=3(60)=180.

Ques:- A box contains 3 blue marbles, 4 red, 6 green marbles and 2 yellow marbles. If two marbles are picked at random, what is the probability that they are either blue or yellow?
Recent Answer : Added by Supriya p On 2022-09-28 17:42:54:

Total marbles are 15
Blue and yellow are 5
Probability is 5/15

Ques:- Xand Y start moving towards each other from two places 200 m apart. After walking 60 m, Y turns left and goes 20 m, then he turns right and goes 40 m. He then turns right again and comes back to the road on which he had started walking. If X and Y walk with the same speed, what is the distance between them now?
Ques:- Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?

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