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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Noni b.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Noni b.

Ques:- The “Common Wealth Games 2002” was held in
A. Canberra
B. Tokyo
C. Manchester
D. Toranto
Ques:- Write the equivalent expression for x%8?
Ques:- What do you mean by routing?
Ques:- Computes gather data, which means that they allow users is to ____  data.
A. Store
B. Present
C. Output
D. Input
Ques:- What are the phases of swapping a page from the memory?
Ques:- A fast typist can type some matter in 2 hours and a slow typist can type the same in 3 hours. If both type combinely, in how much time will they finish?
Ques:- HashMap , how can you synchronize ?
Ques:- Which tag is used to display text in title bar of a web document?
A. Body tag
B. Meta tag
C. Title tag
D. Comment tag
Ques:- In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer is it important to understand these events?
Ques:- Chromosome tips have unusual DNA Structure. These are called as
A. Nucleolar organizers
B. Telomeres
C. Centromeres
D. Satellites
Ques:- What current liabilities can be used as spontaneous sources for financing the working capital?
Ques:- Difference between sql server2000 and sql server2005
Ques:- How do I purchase a web hosting package to use with an existing registered domain name?
Ques:- How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry?
Ques:- where is available in this mantis toturials?
Ques:- What is telecon protocal testing process? explain
Ques:- An enterprising businessman earns an income of Re. 1 on the first day of his business. On every subsequent day, he earns an income which is just double of that made on the previous day. One the 10th day of business, his income is
A. Rs. 28
B. Rs. 29
C. Rs. 210
D. 1012
Ques:- 24, 27, 31, 33, 36
A. 24
B. 27
C. 31
D. 33
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-26 20:34:01:

C. 31

Ques:- You have experience working in a team lead role. How will you adjust yourself in a team member role ?

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