DH Group Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Ques:- Checked communication skills
Ques:- If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?
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Money will give Luxury but not experience

Ques:- You r given a thermometer. What can u do by this without measuring the temperature?
Ques:- Why you choose teaching as a profession?
Ques:- In the following figure: A D B G E C FEach of the seven digits from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is: a)Represented by a different letter in the figure above. b)Positioned in the figure above so that A*B*C,B*G*E, and D*E*F are equal.Which digit does G represent?
Ques:- To which the fourth book of Kautilyas Arthashastra deals with
Ques:- consider expresion ‘ab’ . what happens when ‘a’ is divided by ‘c’ & ‘b’ is multiplied by ‘c’.
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value remains same

Ques:- Why you prefer Hewlett Packard?
Ques:- Which of the following fractions is less than 1/3(a) 22/62 (b) 15/46(c) 2/3(d) 1
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Ques:- In a journey of 15 miles two third distance was travelled with 40 mph and remaining with 60 mph.How muvh time the journey takes
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-15 09:33:29:

2/3 * 15 miles = 10 miles then

time for 10 miles travel is t1 = 10/40 = 1/4

then remaning distance is 5 miles

time for 5 miles travel is t2 = 5/60 = 1/12

t1+ t2= 1/3 in seconds * 60 = 20 min

Ques:- Speak for 2min about corruption?
Ques:- Tell me something negative you?ve heard about our company?
Ques:- A new apartment complex purchased 60 toilets and 20 shower heads. If the price of a toilet is three times the price of a shower head, what percent of the total cost was the cost of all the shower heads?
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Ques:- Three years ago the average age of a family of six members was 19 years. A boy have been born, the average age of the family is the same today. What is the age of the boy?
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Ques:- Educational Qualifications,work experience,Achievements done with pat companies worked with.
Ques:- Some cats got together to decide killing the 999919 mice, each cat kills equal no. of mice and each cat kills more no. of mice than cats there were. Then what are the number of cats?
Ques:- What is the optimum number of operations for 2*(x**3)+3*(x**2)+5*x+5?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-17 06:19:06:

five multiplication & three addtion

Ques:- The LCM of two numbers is 2079 and their HCF is 27. If oneof the numbers is 189, find the other number.
A. 248
B. 128
C. 297
D. 336
E. None of these
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Ques:- How do you estimate staff requirements?
Ques:- About me, about my subject and my future planning
Ques:- What have you found is the best tool or innovation that has come out in the last year?
Ques:- If s(a) denotes square root of a, find the value of s(12+s(12+s(12+ …… upto infinity.
Ques:- A cycle is bought for Rs.900 and sold for Rs.1080, find the gain percent?
Ques:- In a certain code, PEAK is written as 3512 and DINE is written as 6895. How is KIND written in that code?
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Ques:- Why do you want to leave the old job?
Ques:- Asked what is your future planing?
Ques:- Would you rather write a report or give a verbal report? Why?
Ques:- . In june a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its game played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50% .How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average?
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Total game played= 60
%won =30%
Total won= 60*30/100 i.e. 18
now team plays x games and win all of those to increase the
average to 50%.
So the final answer is 24.

Ques:- If goods be purchased for Rs.840 and one-fourth be sold at a loss of 20% at what gain percent should the remainder be sold so as to gain 20% on the whole transaction?

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