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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Bigstep technologies.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Bigstep technologies.

Ques:- 3978 + 112 x 2 = ? ? 2
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:03:32:

( d ) 8404

Ques:- There are four dogs/ants/people at four corners of a square of unit distance. At the same instant all of them start running with unit speed towards the person on their clockwise direction and will always run towards that target. How long does it take for them to meet and where?
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They will meet at the center of the square…as the
direction vector of all the ants/people change according to
the first person.
The independent path of each person taken will be spiral in

Ques:- Which is the biggest mistake of your life and what did you learn from that?
Ques:- You have given 12 balls of identical shape and a weighing compares. There is one ball defective among them. How will you find out the defective one and whether it is light or heavy in less number of weighing.
Ques:- My qualification
Ques:- What is Goal.
Ques:- What made u apply at their company?
Ques:- A cable, 16 meters in length, hangs between two pillars that are both 15 meters high. The ends of the cable are attached to the tops of the pillars. At its lowest point, the cable hangs 7 meters above the ground. How far are the two pillars apart?
Ques:- How do you survive chaos?
Ques:- Time management means planning
Ques:- A person wants to buy 3 paise and 5 paise stamps costing exactly one rupee. If he buys which of the following number of stamps he won't able to buy 3 paise stamps.
Ques:- How long will you continue with this job?
Ques:- How will you rate yourself .
Ques:- What is product?
Ques:- A train crosses a platform of 120 m in 15 sec, same train crosses another platform of length 180 m in 18 sec. then find the length of the train?
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Ques:- Evaluate the greatest number of five digits which is divisible by 32, 36, 40, 42 and 48?
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answer= 90720

Ques:- 2003 * 2004 – 2001 * 2002 = ?
Ques:- A brick measures 20 cm * 10 cm * 7.5 cm how many bricks will be required for a wall 25 m * 2 m * 0.75 m?
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