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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Xpitax.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Xpitax.

Ques:- Why do you think the stork in the given image is standing on one leg?
Ques:- What are the built-ins used for finding object ID functions?
Ques:- The deepest of the Earth is
A. South Pole
B. Mariana Trench
C. South Africa
D. Dead Sea
Ques:- If a new device is attached to a computer, such as a printer or scanner, it ___ must be installed before the device can be used.
A. Server
B. Pager
C. Buffer
D. Driver
Ques:- Is CSS case sensitive?
Ques:- How do I place two paragraphs next to each other?
Ques:- Write a function that returns ‘3’ when ‘4’ is passed as an input and vice versa without using if-else condition
Ques:- X2 = ky. This is the equation of a
A. Square
B. Circle
C. Parabola
D. Ellipse
Ques:- How to arrive Testcase? and how to write Testcase in Email id? when we go for winrunner and why we go for winrunner
Ques:- Pick the odd one?
A. Keyboard
B. Printer
C. Scanner
D. Mouse
Ques:- Does Corba define high level application architectures?
Ques:- Unix commands and sql basic queries
Ques:- Explain Java security model
Ques:- Which one of the following is not a tropical desert?
A. Arabia
B. Atacama
C. Kalahari
D. Gobi
Ques:- How can we display information of a variable and readable by human with PHP?
Ques:- Statement :
Every year, at the beginning or at the end of the monsoons, we have some cases of conjunctivitis, but this year, it seems to be a major epidemic, witnessed after nearly four years.
Courses of action :
I. Precautionary measures should be taken after every four years to check this epidemic.
II. People should be advised to drink boiled water during rainy season.
A. if only I follows
B. if only II follows
C. if either I or II follows
D. if neither I nor II follows
E. if both I and II follow
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 10:33:44:

Hi All,
U can handle exceptions in Unix. In Unix you have signal
handlers to handle the exceptional situations.
For Ex. u have signal SIGQUIT when you press “Ctrl+” key
to terminate the program
Thanks & Regards
Sathish Kumar

Ques:- The process of connecting to the internet account is
A. Sing in
B. Sing out
C. Login
D. Logout
Ques:- How will you treat pre-paid insurance in balance sheet?
Ques:- The mass of an electron is
A. 2
B. 1.602 x 10-19 kg
C. 9.108 x 10-31 kg
D. 6.023 x 1023 kg

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