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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Sucden Financial.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Sucden Financial.

Ques:- What is assembly?
Ques:- List the Coffman's conditions that lead to a deadlock.
Ques:- Risk Analysisa) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step
Ques:- Given a tree populate the sibiling of the tree node with the next node in same complexity-O(1)
Ques:- What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?
Ques:- What is SCR?
Ques:- What are cursor attributes?
Ques:- What is GD&T and PPAP Documents?
Ques:- What have you done in the performance appraisal system?
Ques:- Design the SQL database tables for a car rental database.
Ques:- If in certain language KINDLY is coded as ELDNIK, how is EXOTIC coded in that code ?
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Ques:- ‘The Time Machine’ is written by
A. Immanuel Kant
B. H.G. Wells
C. Jane Austen
D. Henry James
Ques:- A computer system
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Peripheral devices
D. All of these
Ques:- 1. Elephant 2. Cat 3. Mosquito 4. Tiger 5. Whale
A. 5,3,1,2,4
B. 3,2,4,1,5
C. 1,3,5,4,2
D. 2,5,1,4,3
Ques:- How to write a program in c to print its own code?
Ques:- Why are you leaving your current job?
Ques:- Which data dictionary view can be queried to see whether a user has the EXECUTE privilege on a procedure?a. DBA_SYS_PRIVSb. DBA_TAB_PRIVSc. DBA_PROC_PRIVSd. SESSION_PRIVS
Ques:- When using correct star, if it is asked about a word that is consistently misspelled, which of the following should be used?
A. Correct all occurrences option
B. Type correction option
C. Ignore option
D. Add to dictionary option
Ques:- Who among the following used the phrase ‘Un-British’ to criticize the English colonial control of India?
A. Pherozeshah Mehta
B. Dadabhai Naoroji
C. Badruddin Tyabji
D. Anand Mohan Bose
Ques:- Exploring capability to manage multiple projects and provide recommendations

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