Soweto tv channel Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Ques:- Respected sir/madam, i have to face the bank po interview for the first time. i want to know whether i can converse in hindi at the interview as i can not communicate well in english. thanks.
Ques:- What popular journal did C. V. Riley and B. D. Walsh begin in 1868?
Ques:- Which job you want out of- Management Trainee Purchases/ Financial Analyst/ International Marketing?
Ques:- List out the difference between the largest and the smallest number written with 7, 7, 0, 7?
Ques:- A and B entered into a partnership investing Rs.25000 and Rs.30000 respectively. After 4 months C also joined the business with an investment of Rs.35000. What is the share of C in an annual profit of Rs.47000?
Ques:- What’ your family background?
Ques:- What is the relationship between economics and management?
Ques:- What routing protocol uses the most bandwidth?
Ques:- You have done MBA in 2006. What you were doing for last two years ?
Ques:- Examination passed from and either training was done or not?
Ques:- What do you like about computers?
Ques:- In which specific areas of your work are you really interested in expanding your knowledge of? How do you intend to achieve this?
Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
3, 7, 15, 39, 63, 127, 255, 511
A. 7
B. 15
C. 39
D. 67
Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
2, 6, 12, 72, 824
A. 6
B. 12
C. 72
D. 824
Ques:- May 6, 1993 was Thursday. What day of the week was on May 6, 1992?
A. Tuesday
B. Wednesday
C. Friday
D. Saturday
Ques:- In a kilometer race, A beats B by 50 meters or 10 seconds. What time does A take to complete the race?
Ques:- A train 800 m long is running at a speed of 78 km/hr. If it crosses a tunnel in 1 min, then the length of the tunnel is?
Ques:- Where are you staying? How many family members?
Ques:- Name and family back ground
Ques:- Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?
Ques:- This is a night-shift job and we don’t provide transport facility. Is that ok with you?
Ques:- What was your experience?
Ques:- By what % New price of wardrobe has to be increased to get original value, if it was decreased by 20%
Ques:- Where you think you will be stand after 4 years?
Ques:- What is your Total experience in IT Sector
Ques:- What kind of person you are?
Ques:- Tell me about a time when you had to be very careful in communicating delicate information. What was the possible risk involved and how did you go about it?
Ques:- What qualities do you look for in a boss?
Ques:- Are you ready to work 24*7 ?
Ques:- What is the one thing that you want to improve about yourself?

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