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Ques:- A semifluid shell which includes both the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle is known as
A. Asthenosphere
B. Semisphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Lithosphere
Ques:- How many possible combinations are there in a 3x3x3 rubics cube? In other words, if you wanted to solve the rubics cube by trying different combinations, how many might it take you (worst case senerio)? How many for a 4x4x4 cube?
Ques:- Can you explain V model in manual testing?
Ques:- How can I prepare for the interview any tips ?
Ques:- Update types in Call transaction method. What is the difference?
Ques:- Define local variables and global variables in Python,
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-02-02 16:50:00:

Global Variables are variables that are declared outside of a function, or in the ‘global space’. Any function within the program can access these variables.

Local Variables are variables that are declared within a function and is present within the local space of the function. Local variables cannot be accessed outside the function’s space.

Ques:- Tell me about the experience?
Ques:- The instrument used for measuring depth of water table is known as
A. Evaporimeter
B. Piezometer
C. Odometer
D. Lysimeter
Ques:- How many experaice you have
Ques:- Can any body tell me what is standard cost estimate with out quantity structure,and what is the configuration settings for that?
Ques:- What is serial and unserial () in php?
Ques:- The Indians live in ___ countries of the world.
A. 90
B. 100
C. 110
D. 120
Ques:- Karnataka : Gold :: Madhya Pradesh : ?
A. Gems
B. Copper
C. Iron
D. Diamond
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-26 16:27:20:

D. Diamond

Ques:- Is Winrunner 7.01 supports .NET applications?
Ques:- The microelectronics is the technology of
A. Chips
B. Microcomputers
C. Automatic processing
D. Microwaves
Ques:- Have you ever been a member of a group where two of the members did not work well together? What did you do to get them to do so?
Ques:- Statement :
The education of a student at collegiate level, not taking into account maintenance expenses, costs four hundred rupees a year. Collegiate education is thus drawing heavily upon the national resources of an impoverished community. So college education should be restricted to a brilliant few.
Assumptions :
I. Our resources are very limited.
II. Only a few students should be admitted to the colleges.
A. if only assumption I is implicit
B. if only assumption II is implicit
C. if either I or II is implicit
D. if neither I nor II is implicit and
E. if both I and II are implicit
Ques:- How do I read data (or records) from database using data reader?
Ques:- A fly is there 1 feet below the ceiling right across a wall length is 30m at equal distance from both the ends. There is a spider 1 feet above floor right across the long wall equidistant from both the ends. If the width of the room is 12m and 12m, what distance is to be traveled by the spider to catch the fly, if it takes the shortest path
Recent Answer : Added by Mishy On 2022-03-09 16:36:29:


A. Open
B. Release
C. Bind
D. Divide

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