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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Rhodes food group.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Rhodes food group.

Ques:- Window Manager system consists of the
Ques:- What should be done after a bug is found?
Ques:- Write a function to print first repeated substring in a string. a) with overlap (the second string might overlap with the first) b) without overlap.
Ques:- ‘Where are my spectacles?’ ______
A. there they are, on your nose!
B. here are they, on your nose!
C. there are they, on your nose!
D. here they are, on your nose!
Ques:- Differences between Mutex and Semaphore. Why do we need Mutex if we have Semaphores
Ques:- NABARD was established in the
A. Fourth Five year Plan
B. Fifth Five Year Plan
C. Sixth Five Year Plan
D. Eighth Five Year Plan
Ques:- Which document is used in export?
Ques:- Suppose session is configured with commit interval of 10,000 rows and source has 50,000 rows. Explain the commit points for Source based commit and Target based commit. Assume appropriate value wherever required.
Ques:- Hero of Arcot was
A. Robert Clive
B. Count-de-Lalley
C. Bussy
D. Dupleix
Ques:- Know the reason why to register a server to the repository is necessary
Ques:- Write A Program to Remove Duplicates from BST remember its BST not Binary Tree…He Asked me to write neat & Clean Code fro this so try to code your best
Ques:- What is the purpose of regexp_label property and regexp_MSW_class property?
Ques:- How to center a column in Bootstrap?
Ques:- Malarial fever is caused to man by
A. Plasmodium
B. Bacterium
C. Virus
D. Mosquito
Ques:- What is earthed and inearthed cable or system?
Ques:- Why The JavaScript Validation Not Run on the Asp.Net Button But Run SuccessFully On The HTML Button
Ques:- A train travelled from station P to Q in 8 hours and came back from station Q to P is 6 hours. What would be the ratio of the speed of the train while traveling from station P to Q to that from station Q to P?
Recent Answer : Added by Sahil On 2021-08-03 15:59:07:

Ratio: 3/4

Ques:- A group of wires running parallel to each other in between two connected computer parts and which transfers information is called a
A. Bundle
B. Cable
C. Bus
D. Track
Ques:- Among the following persons whose birth anniversary is celebrated as Sadbhavana Divas and death anniversary as Antiterrorism Day?
A. Sanjay Gandhi
B. Mahatma Gandhi
C. Indira Gandhi
D. Rajiv Gandhi
Ques:- The height of Eiffel Tower is _____ feet.
A. 1063
B. 1067
C. 1073
D. 1077

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