Coditas Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Ques:- Monday falls on 20th March, 1995. What was the day of 3rd November, 1994?
A. Sunday
B. Tuesday
C. Thursday
D. Friday
Ques:- Tel me something about yourself?
Ques:- If the area of circle is 616 sq cm thenWhat is its circumference?
Ques:- How you define yourself as a person/individual
Ques:- There are 3 baskets. one of them have apples, one has oranges only and the other has mixture of apples and oranges. The labels on their baskets always lie. (i.e. if the label says oranges, you are sure that it doesn’t have oranges only,it could be a mixture) The task is to pick one basket and pick only one fruit from it and then correctly label all the three baskets.
Ques:- How many bearers will an explorer need for a 6 day march if each man can carry the food stuff of one man for 4 days?
Ques:- In a row of trees, one tree is fifth from either end of the row. How many trees are there in the row?
Ques:- A 4 digit no may consist of the digits 6,2,7,5 where none of the nos are repeated.Find the possible no of combinations divisible by 36?
Ques:- A boat takes 90 minutes less to travel 36 miles downstream than to travel the same distance upstream. If the speed of the boat in still water is 10 mph, the speed of the stream is:
Ques:- Describe how you demonstrate your passion for technology outside the classroom ?
Ques:- What is your career aspect???
Ques:- By what % the cost of milk is increased because of inflation in December, if in October price is 30 and in next January it is 35?
Ques:- Subhash starts a business by investing Rs.25000. 6 months later Aditya joins him by investing Rs.15000. After another 6 months Aditya invests an additional amount of Rs.15000. At the end of 3 yeas they earn a profit of Rs.247000. What is Aditya’s share in the profit?
A. Rs. 105000
B. Rs. 111500
C. Rs. 130000
D. Rs. 170000
Ques:- The length of the bridge, which a train 130 meters long and travelling at 45 km/hr can cross in 30 seconds, is:
Ques:- Can you tender a one rupee note in such a manner that there shall be total 50 coins but none of them would be 2 paise coins.?
Ques:- A survey of a village showed that 1 / 10 of the total population speak neither Hindi nor English. 1 / 5 of them cannot speak English and 3 / 7 of them cannot speak Hindi. What percentages of people know only one language?
Ques:- The product of two numbers is 1320 and their HCF is 6. The LCM of the numbers is
A. 220
B. 1314
C. 1326
D. 7920
Ques:- What r u neet first family money carier? and why ?
Ques:- Type of Ram
Ques:- Make one sentence which includes the word because three times?
Ques:- What makes you suitable for this job?
Ques:- P and Q can do a piece of work in 3 days, Q and R in 4 days, R and P in 6 days. How long will R take to do it?
Ques:- What do you know about this organization?
Ques:- What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
Ques:- Difference between goal and ambition?
Ques:- How to introduce ourselves
Ques:- What are your goals?
Ques:- What do you like dislike most about your current position? What will you miss most about your current position?
Ques:- Was your MBA full time or Part Time ?

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