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Ques:- Find the highest common factor of 36 and 84.
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12
Recent Answer : Added by BISHWAS KUMAR On 2022-01-16 17:16:46:

=36*84/ lcm
= 36 * 84 / (12 * 3 * 7 )
HCF= 12

Ques:- A four digit number is divisible by 7 becomes divisible by 3, when 10 is added to it. The largest such number is
A. 9947
B. 9987
C. 9989
D. 9996
Recent Answer : Added by narendra On 2022-09-18 09:02:02:


Ques:- Insert the missing number:
16, 33, 65, 131, 261, (…..)
A. 521
B. 523
C. 613
D. 721
Recent Answer : Added by S.kowsalya On 2022-05-17 09:07:47:


Ques:- Perimeter of the back wheel = 9 feet, front wheel = 7 feet on a certain distance the front wheel gets 10 revolutions more than back wheel . what is the distance?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:59:15:

If n = no. of revolutions for back wheel
9n = 7n + 10*7

Ques:- If we offer you a job, will you continue or switch at some better opportunity?
Ques:- Why you want to come out from that company
Ques:- How did you spend your free time
Ques:- Divide 45 into four parts such that when 2 is added to the first part, 2 is subtracted from the second part, 2 is multiplied by the third part and the fourth part is divided by two, all result in the same number.
Recent Answer : Added by Vishwas T S On 2021-12-24 16:17:39:

Answer is 8,12,5,20

Ques:- What you should do if i will not give job to you?
Ques:- A coffee shop blends 2 kinds of coffee,putting in 2 parts of a 33p. a gm. grade to 1 part of a 24p. a gm.If the mixture is changed to 1 part of the 33p. a gm. to 2 parts of the less expensive grade,how much will the shop save in blending 100 gms.
Recent Answer : Added by Ashu On 2021-01-30 01:20:12:

Initially (2*33 + 1*24)/(2+1) = 30p a gm
So, cost for 100g = 100*30 = 3000p

Later, (1*33 + 2*24)/(1+2) = 71/3 p a gm.
So, cost for 100g = 100*(71/3) = 2366.67p

He saves 3000 – 2366.67 = 633.33p

Concept of weighted average.

Ques:- How are you helpful to us?
Ques:- What have been the most significant accomplishments in your life so far?
Ques:- ?Ghasiram Kotwal? was written by
Ques:- If the side of a square is increased by 25% what will be the percentage increase in the area?
Recent Answer : Added by Muhammad Azeem Sheikh On 2022-09-02 17:03:42:

56.25 % is the right answer.
area of square = side ^ 2
at first, it was 100% , means 1
then, a side was enlarged to 25%, means now, 125% means new side is 1.25
taking square will give 1.5625
1.5625 – 1 = 0.5625
so, 56.25% increment in area.

Ques:- X can do a piece of work in 4 days. Y can do it in 5 days. With the assistance of Z they completed the work in 2 days. Find in how many days can Z alone do it?
Ques:- A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days and 16 days respectively. Both work for 3 days and then A goes away. Find how long will B take to complete the remaining work?
Recent Answer : Added by Karthik Rajagopalan On 2022-08-14 16:28:59:


Ques:- A basket has 5 apples and 4 oranges. Three fruits are picked at random. The probability that at least 2 apples are picked is -.
Recent Answer : Added by Rajeswari Suresh On 2021-10-10 19:03:43:

5c2*4c1/9c3 +5c3/9c3=25/42

Ques:- Find the least number which when divide by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 leaves 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as remainders respectively, but when divided by 7 leaves no remainder?
Recent Answer : Added by Raimi Ayinde On 2022-09-15 16:36:50:


Ques:- A train passes a station platform in 36 sec and a man standing on the platform in 20 sec. If the speed of the train is 54 km/hr. What is the length of the platform?
Recent Answer : Added by train On 2021-08-31 15:11:14:

240 m

Ques:- How does this particular position and job fit in with your career goals?
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