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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Knowles Lifestyle.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Knowles Lifestyle.

Ques:- Explain about Enterprise scalability and ROI of Data integration suite?
Ques:- If I give some thousand tests to execute in 2 days what do u do?
Ques:- When I try to record a report application, when I run report data report is displayed in new window. QTP doest recognise record this new window. How to know whether data is there in new window or not.
Ques:- What is budgeting how to maintain it?
Ques:- How many JION conditions are needed in JOIN query to avoid a cartesian Product? A. No of tables + 1 B. No of tables – 1 C. No of colums + 1 D. No of colums – 1
Ques:- What is the significance of the ‘anti-profiteering’ clause in the GST Bill?
Ques:- Consider a scenario in which 4 users are accessing a servlet instance. Among which one user called destroy() method. What happens to the rest 3 users?
Ques:- EXPLAIN has output with MATCHCOLS = 0. What does it mean? ?
Ques:- A computer derives its basic strength from
A. Accuracy
B. Memory
C. Speed
D. All of these
Recent Answer : Added by narendra On 2022-09-18 09:00:06:

(D) All of these

Ques:- Can constructor be used instead of init(), to initialize servlet?
Ques:- What does the word '&myvariable' mean?
Ques:- About i-node numbers
Ques:- How would you maintain employee retaining?
Ques:- Does an SVG implementation ever do line-breaking of text?
Ques:- To find whether a number is even or odd without using anyconditional operator??
Ques:- An error in a program which causes wrong result is called a
A. Attributes
B. Byte
C. Bug
D. Init problem
Ques:- What are the advantages of MySQL when compared with Oracle?
Ques:- PODGY
A. Slim
B. Weak
C. Short
D. Thin
Ques:- What are the files and subfolders of a QuickTest Professional test?
Ques:- How can i bypass websence to open the restricted sites?

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