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Ques:- How many types of free goods scenarios are there in SAP?
Ques:- What is Word alignment a) aligning the address to the next word boundary of the machine.b) aligning to an even boundary.c) aligning to a word boundary.d) none of the above.
Ques:- _______ is a good nuclear fuel?
A. Neptunium – 239
B. Plutonium – 239
C. Uranium – 238
D. Thorium – 236
Ques:- What are the different tables(Engine) present in MySQL, which one is default?
Ques:- The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.
A. hell bent through getting
B. hell bent for getting
C. hell bent upon getting
D. No improvement
Ques:- Natural radioactivity was discovered by
A. Rutherford
B. Henri Becquerel
C. Schmidt
D. Curie
Ques:- Who was the architect of Communal Award?
A. Ramsay Macdonald
B. Lord Irwin
C. Lord Reading
D. Lord Linlithgow
Ques:- What are your three worst character traits?
Ques:- A huge mass of ice fed by snow on a high mountain slowly sliding downhill before it starts melting is called
A. Typhoon
B. Avalanche
C. Glacier
D. Iceberg
Ques:- what is reconciliation?
Ques:- If the ceiling fan is on slow speed, does it consume lesselectricity?
Ques:- The electrons in the atom of an element which determine its chemical and electrical properties are called
A. active electrons
B. excess electrons
C. revolving electrons
D. valence electrons
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-12 17:27:34:

D. valence electrons

Ques:- Sample code for read a 2nd record from last in flatfile howcan do?
Ques:- Write a program for recursive Traverse?
Ques:- How can you manage as a quality inspector?
Ques:- Mahatma Gandhi said that compassion is more important than truth.
A. Hardihood
B. Callousness
C. Uncivility
D. Violence
Ques:- What are viable and non viable limits for classified area?
Ques:- When you create a new partition, you need to designate its size by defining the starting and ending _____________.
Ques:- When will you use shell script/Perl ahead of C/C++?

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