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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the ITI Tech.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at ITI Tech.

Ques:- The L.C.M. of 3, 2.7 and 0.09 is
A. 0.27
B. 0.027
C. 27
D. 2.7
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Ques:- The smallest prime number, that is the fifth term of an increasing arithmetic sequence in which all the four preceding terms are also prime is
A. 17
B. 29
C. 37
D. 53
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Ques:- An individual pays 30% income tax. On this tax he has to pay a surcharge of 10%. Thus the net tax rate, he has to pay is
A. 27%
B. 33%
C. 40%
D. 45%
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Ques:- You have 8 balls. One of them is defective and weighs less than others. You have a balance to measure balls against each other. In 2 weighings how do you find the defective one?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:04:12:

CASE 1: First we should take six balls divided equally and
then it is placed on the two pans.three on one and three on
if the two pans are balanced then the defective ball is not
in the six..then we should the two and keep them one ball
on each.
CASE2: Again We should take any of the six balls and
divided equally and then it is placed on the two pans.. if
any of the pan weighs less than the other.. We should take
the three balls seperately..Now from that three we should
take any two and placed one on each.. fi both the pan
balances the ball which is left over is the defective.. if
one ball weighes less than the other,while keeping one on
each,then it is the defective one….

Ques:- Number of zeros in the product of the first 100 numbers?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-28 19:16:12:

Number of zeros in product of n numbers =[5n​]+[52n​]+[53n​]+…
Number of zeros in product of 100 numbers =[5100​]+[52100​]+[53100​]
where [.] is greatest integer function

Ques:- What is the main role of HR in an organization?
Ques:- Why should be you hired by the company?
Ques:- There is a square of side 6cm . A circle is inscribed inside the square. Find the ratio of the area of circle to square.
Ques:- Market is running in a big slum,What you can do at your best to recover it?
Ques:- Of Abdul, Binoy, and Chandini: a)Each member belongs to the Tee family whose members always tell the truth or to the El family whose members always lie. b)Abdul says ''Either I belong or Binoy belongs to a different family from the other two.” Whose family do you name of?
Ques:- Which one of the following animals stores water in the intestine?
A. Moloch
B. Uromastix
C. Zebra
D. Camel
Recent Answer : Added by Racer On 2021-03-31 15:32:33:

Camel is the answer
Camel can store water for many days or months in there intestines

Ques:- How will you sell a mobile ?
Ques:- Current Experience in the functional area
Ques:- What is my experience in the field?
Ques:- Mr. and Mrs. Aye and Mr. and Mrs. Bee competed in a chess tournament.Of the three games played:a)In only the first game werethe two players married to each other.b)The men won two games and the women won one game.c)The Ayes won more games than the Bees.d)Anyone who lost game did not play the subsequent game.Who did not lose a game?
Recent Answer : Added by Jisha Koshy On 2022-09-15 16:37:07:

Option c

Ques:- 20 reasons for why I should hire you
Ques:- A car covers a distance of 624 km in 6 ½ hours. Evaluate its speed?
Recent Answer : Added by BRIAN On 2021-10-07 15:41:45:


Ques:- The radius of a semi circle is 6.3 cm then its perimeter is?
Recent Answer : Added by Akshay On 2022-03-09 16:41:08:

perimeter = pi(r) + 2r
= 19.782 + (12.6)
= 32.382 cm

Ques:- The smallest number which when divided by 20, 25, 35 and 40 leaves a remainder of  14, 19, 29 and 34 respectively is?
Ques:- A person lent a certain sum of money at 4% per annum at simple interest and in 8 years the interest amounted to Rs.340 less than the sum lent. What was the sum lent?
Recent Answer : Added by Manik On 2022-04-02 06:59:40:

X-340 = X x 4 x 8/ 100

100X – 34000 = 32X
68X = 34000
X = 34000/68
X= 500.

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