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Ques:- An individual pays 30% income tax. On this tax he has to pay a surcharge of 10%. Thus the net tax rate, he has to pay is
A. 27%
B. 33%
C. 40%
D. 45%
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Ques:- In a certain code, PEAK is written as 3512 and DINE is written as 6895. How is KIND written in that code?
Recent Answer : Added by S pushpa On 2021-06-17 10:43:50:


Ques:- When an object like cube or sphere is seen along x,y,z,axes we get the same.Apart from these suggest another which has similar characteristics?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:27:

Triangular Prism

Ques:- A company requires 11,500 strength.present employees are 200 women , men and 6500 unmarried To reach the target how many women required to maintain the same ratio?
Ques:- ABCDE are sisters. Each of them gives 4 gifts and each receives 4 gifts No two sisters give the same combination ( e.g. if A gives 4 gifts to B then no other sisters can give four to other one.) (i) B gives four to A.(ii) C gives 3 to E. How much did A,B,C,E give to D?
Ques:- What significant trends do you see in the future for our industry?

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Ques:- Why 20-20 cricket is more famous?
Ques:- How do you plan to achieve these goals?
Ques:- What are some things that you may change in the near future about your style of working? And why?
Ques:- How would describe your ideal job?
Ques:- Can you pinpoint any specific things in your past experience that affected your present career objectives?
Ques:- Why do your percentage from 1st semester decreases till your 5th semester?
Ques:- If you get selected when you would join the company?
Ques:- What is catalytic converter?
Ques:- If six persons sit in a row, then the probability that three particular persons are always together is -.
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Ques:- Find the ratio of the curved surfaces of two cylinders of same heights if their radii are in the ratio 1:2.
Ques:- A certain sum is invested at simple interest at 18% p.a. for two years instead of investing at 12% p.a. for the same time period. Therefore the interest received is more by Rs. 840. Find the sum?
Recent Answer : Added by Nikhil Ambigar On 2022-01-08 16:05:06:

let x be sum.
SI of 18% for 1 year= x*18/100=0.18x;
SI of 18% for 2 years is 0.36x;

SI of 12% for 1 year= x*12/100=0.12x;
SI of 12% for 2 years is 0.24x;

Given, 0.36x-0.24x=840

Ques:- Four couples sit around a circular table in a party. Every husband sits to the right of his wife. P, Q, R and S are husbands and T, U, V and W are wives. Q – U and R – V are two married couples. S does not sit next to V. T sits to the left of P, who sits opposite S. Who sits between P and Q?
Recent Answer : Added by Bunny On 2022-03-11 17:00:37:

S Opposite is Q
U sits the P and Q

Ques:- Two trains, each 100 m long, moving in opposite directions, cross other in 8 sec. If one is moving twice as fast the other, then the speed of the faster train is?
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