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Ques:- There is a record with fields namely name,roll no.,salary,grade etc.Now,write a script to create a file with multiple records have same combination of fields but with unique roll numbers.The script should work for different names in the input file.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:38:02:

Don’t mind my answer is lengthy….
Let file name be employee
name, rollno., salary, grade
cut each of records in each field to temp files as follows:
cut -f1 employee > /sm.tmp.$$
cut -f2 employee > /sn.tmp.$$
cut -f3 employee > /so.tmp.$$
cut -f4 employee > /sp.tmp.$$
Paste them as required in to another file as follows
paste /sn.tmp.$$ /sm.tmp.$$
paste /sn.tmp.$$ /so.tmp.$$
paste /sn.tmp.$$ /sp.tmp.$$

Ques:- How to add a home link to the menu bar?
Ques:- External routes are available in OSPF database but not installing in routing table?
Ques:- can any one suggestion me present which course(except java,.net) has huge demand in the market?
Ques:- Explain mesh topology and how is it used in my college
Ques:- The ‘Solar Corona’ mainly consists of
A. Ice
B. Gases
C. Molten lava
D. Cosmic rays
Ques:- X-rays are ____ waves.
A. Electrical
B. Sound
C. Magnetic
D. Electromagnetic
Ques:- What is saponification of oils?
Ques:- What is quick code? why is it called a quick code?What is steps of defining a quick code?
Ques:- Prepare Unix, SQL, Puzzles, Data Structures thoroughly. Interview will last somewhere between 45 mins to 1.15 hours, be calm and they will help you if you’re stuck somewhere.
Ques:- In responsibility cost accounting what costs are in focus?
Ques:- Each attribute of an entity has a defined set of values. This set of values is called a
A. Mapping
B. Entity set
C. Domain
D. Range
Ques:- She comes from the family of Donovan, ______?
A. hasn’t he
B. didn’t she
C. do you
D. doesn’t she
Ques:- Why would an Engineer consider combining FEEDBACK and FEEDFORWARD control in some applications?
Ques:- What are the five major technologies that can be used to create Client/Server applications?
Ques:- What is you r opinion about the present government?
Ques:- Where did Lord Buddha breathe hist last (Mahaparinirvan)?
A. Kushinagar
B. Sarnath
C. Bodh Gaya
D. Rajgir
Ques:- Which are the four storage classes in C
Ques:- How do you search for a string inside a given file?
Ques:- A husband and wife have a combined age of 91. The husband is now twice as old as his wife was when he was as old as she is now. How old is wife?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:57:10:

let current age be H and W
H + W = 91
also the let the Y years before Husband is same age as
Wife’s current age:
H – Y = W
Also, husband is currently twice the age of wife’s age Y
years ago.
H = 2 ( W – Y)
Solving FOR Y FIRST:
2W – 2Y = H
W – Y = H
Now, H =2(2Y)=4Y
7Y= 91
so, Y =91/7=13
so W=39 and H=52

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