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Ques:- What do you understand by modular programming?
Ques:- The National Human Rights Commission was constituted in ___
A. 1883
B. 1947
C. 1993
D. 2001
Ques:- Determine sales in units for desired profit if Fixed cost is Rs 15,000, desired profit is Rs 5,000 Selling price per unit is Rs 20 and Variable cost per unit is Rs 16?
Ques:- In a food chain, the stable energy utilized by plants is only
A. 1%
B. 0.1%
C. 1.0%
D. 10%
Ques:- You got a new HP DL380 (2U) server, dual Xeon, 4GB ofRAM, 7 SAS disks, 64-bit. What do you do next to installExchange 2003? (you have AD in place)
Ques:- What is a built-in function that python uses to iterate over a number sequence ?
Ques:- What is bitmap Image?
Ques:- You attempt to log out but receive an error message that you cannot. When you issue the jobs command, you see a process that is running in the background. How can you fix this so that you can logout?Choose onea. Issue the kill command with the PID of each
Ques:- The charge of helium atom is equal to
A. twice the charge of an electron
B. charge of positron
C. charge of electron
D. charge of proton
Ques:- What does ruby name refer to?
Ques:- Which option is true for viewing Profit & Loss A/C in Gateway of Tally?
A. Gateway of Tally → Account Books → Profit & Loss A/C
B. Gateway of Tally → Display → Profit & Loss A/C
C. Gateway of Tally → Reports → Profit & Loss A/C
D. None of these
Ques:- What is a delegate? 1. A strongly typed function pointer. 2. A light weight thread or process that can call a single method. 3. A reference to an object in a different process. 4. An inter-process message channel
Ques:- Given a distributed system with many clients and many servers where the servers each export a different set of services and each have a different amount of computing power discuss the data structures used in a router to perform load balancing.
Ques:- What is a surrogate key?Why we use it in a mapping?Pl give an example.
Ques:- There is a room with a door (closed) and three light bulbs. Outside the room there are three switches, connected to the bulbs. You may manipulate the switches as you wish, but once you open the door you can't change them. Identify each switch with its bulb.
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-30 16:27:15:

Turn on a switch and leave it for some ten minutes. Turn it off, turn a second one on and open the door and go into the room. The glowing bulb corresponds to second switch. The bulb that is hot corresponds to first switch, as it was turned on for ten minutes and have heated up. The cold and not-glowing bulb corresponds to the third switch

Ques:- How can we add any constraint on a table ?
Ques:- Who of the following said, ‘Mahatma Gandhi, like fleeting phantom Raises dust but not the level’?
A. V.D. Savarkar
B. M.A. Jinnah
C. B.R. Ambedkar
D. None of these
Ques:- Is there any way to put my custom name to LIB folder which i am going to place in WEB-INF folder of struts application?
Ques:- _____ creates branches for multiple alternatives section of code, depending on the value of a single variable.
A. while
B. for
C. if
D. switch
Ques:- The ___ program is not allowed to read data from the disk.
B. Application
C. System
D. Resident Monitor

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