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Ques:- Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?
A. 8 hrs
B. 7 1/2 hrs
C. 7 hrs
D. 9 hrs
Recent Answer : Added by 9074743593 On 2021-07-29 16:19:42:

7 1/2

Ques:- a=2,b=3,c=6 c/(a+b)-(a+b)/c=?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:20:

ans is 11/30

Ques:- Why do you think this job will be benefit to you?
Ques:- Tell me about a time you were able to successfully dealwith another personeven when that individual may not have personally liked you(or vice versa).
Ques:- What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with? Why?
Ques:- A pipe fill a tank in 3hrs.another pipe fill that same tankin 2hrs.if both pipe inserted in tank to fill it how timw itwill take to fill?
Recent Answer : Added by MUGILARASU On 2022-09-15 16:39:02:

consider the tank capacity as 90 litres.
to fill the tank in 3 hrs first pipe must flow at a rate of 30 litres/hr
2nd pipe has to flow at a rate of 45 litres/hr
if two pipes are opened at a time the flow rate will become 75 litres/hr
90/75= 6/5 = 1.2= (i.e) 1hr and 12 minutes 1 1/5 hr

Ques:- Give an answer with an example how i should answer for tell about yourself?
Ques:- Tell me about Indo china relation ?
Ques:- Healing of wound is accelerated by?
Ques:- A works thrice as much as B. If A takes 60 days less than B to do a work then find the number of days it would take to complete the work if both work together?
Ques:- What should we expect from you. Should we choose to hire you for the post ?
Recent Answer : Added by Damtew Girma On 2022-09-02 17:04:26:


Ques:- 20% of a 6 litre solution and 60% of 4 litre solution are mixed. What percentage of the mixture of solution
Ques:- About family and job profile?
Ques:- A man leaves office daily at 7pm A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back homeOne day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home. In the way he meets the car and returns home on car He reaches home 20 minutes earlier than usual.In how much time does the man reach home usually??
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-29 16:32:20:


Since the car has met the person 20 minutes before hand, it has actually saved 10 mins of journey (to and fro)

since the man has started 1.30 hrs before and car has met him 10 mins before actual time he takes to reach daily is 1hr and 20 mins

Ques:- Why do you want to be in Retail industry?
Ques:- Tell me about your achievements in last 5 years?
Ques:- 2003 * 2004 – 2001 * 2002 = ?
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