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Ques:- How many times in a day, the hands of a clock are straight?
A. 22
B. 24
C. 44
D. 48
Recent Answer : Added by Sanjana Balasaheb Deore On 2022-03-09 16:26:16:


Ques:- REPUBLICAN = 108 so DEMOCRATE = ?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:59:51:


Ques:- Is it possible to view the contents of my laptop on my tv and if so, how do I do it?Laymans language please.CheersDave
Ques:- Value of (x-a)(x-b). . . . (x-z)
Ques:- Describe briefly your standards for success?
Recent Answer : Added by Stephanie Brewer On 2022-01-08 16:07:08:

My standard for success is to build confidence, be able to earn money, and meet people.

Ques:- What are some things you particularly liked about your last job?

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Ques:- Tell me something negative you?ve heard about our company?
Ques:- For a motorist there are three ways going from City A to City C. By way of bridge the distance is 20 miles and toll is $0.75. A tunnel between the two cities is a distance of 10 miles and toll is $1.00 for the vehicle and driver and $0.10 for each…
Ques:- what are you know about our company
Ques:- What is the background of your family?
Ques:- What is your name ,education,family background
Ques:- Why you always change the companies now and then?
Ques:- Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team?
Ques:- What kind of job you have been expecting?
Ques:- What was your most difficult decision in the last six months? What made it difficult?
Ques:- Sides of a rectangular park are in the ratio 3: 2 and its area is 3750 sq m, the cost of fencing it at 50 ps per meter is?
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Ques:- One half of a two digit number exceeds its one third by 6. Find the sum of the digits of the number?
Recent Answer : Added by Sohini Mitra On 2022-09-02 17:02:37:

Let the number be 10Y+X
(10Y+X)/2 = (10X+Y)/3+6
(10Y+X)(1/2-1/3) = 6
10Y+X = 36
Therefore, sum of the digits = 3+6 = 9

Ans: 9

Ques:- Four bells begin to toll together respectively at the intervals of 8, 10, 12 and 16 seconds. After how many seconds will they toll together again?
Ques:- Which is your favorite quote?
Ques:- Why have you been out of work so long, and how many others were laid off?
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