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Ques:- How to delete an element in array of string?
Ques:- In known elements, the maximum number is of
A. Metalloids
B. Metals
C. Non-metals
D. None of these
Ques:- What is the button to change the variant in ALV ?p
Ques:- what is a profit center
Ques:- A command that saves what you are working on into the hard drive, or onto a disk
A. Go
B. Save
C. Hold
D. View
Ques:- How to find the number of arguments defined in graph?
Ques:- Bug Life Cycle,What is RTM,What is Integration Testing,2 types of Integration Testing, project details
Ques:- What is the Main drawback of Scala Language?
Ques:- Choose the correct order of these parts from the given alternatives.
(1) Along the gutters it lingered,
(2) its tired breadth a pale of chrysanthemum about the street lamps,
(3) sliding its warm tongue over silent pavements
(4) The gentle fox curled softly down
(5) and rubbed its back against the huddled houses
(6) then it curled up and slept on corners
(7) Slowly it rose and fell
(8) and pressing its blurred face against shop windows
(9) It coiled its body around the black railings
A. 9,  6,  8,  5,  7,  1,  4,  2,  3
B. 4,  9,  5,  1,  3,  8,  7,  2,   6
C. 2,  9,  6,  8,  5,  7,  4,  3,  1
D. 1,  2,  3,  4,   5,   6,  7,  8,  9
Ques:- Which of the following is a high milk yielding buffalo?
A. Karan fries
B. Karan swiss
C. Jersey
D. Murrah
Ques:- What are the collections of Application Object?
Ques:- The backbone of all economic activities is
A. Agriculture
B. Education
C. Industry
D. Finance
Ques:- What is the current rating of 2500 KVA,33KV/433v transformeron secondary(LT) side
Ques:- In what mode of editing, the keyboard behaves as a normal typewriter with the exception?
A. Input mode
B. Command mode
C. Editing mode
D. Formatting mode
Ques:- Where is Pushkar Lake located?
A. Jammu & Kashmir
B. Punjab
C. Rajasthan
D. Uttar Pradesh
Ques:- You are rearrange these letters and select from the given alternatives the word which is almost similar meaning to the rearranged word.
A. Quick
B. Laborious
C. Difficult
D. Intelligent
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-11 17:58:34:

B. Laborious

Ques:- a circle is drawn…roughly in paper…the interviewer asked me to find centre point of circle?the radius,circumference is not known?how to find it?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:58:17:

First U Cut the circle which is drawn.after that u fold the
circle face to face in 4 times atomatacly we got a center

Ques:- Why do I want to join this bank?
Ques:- A mixture of sand and naphthalene can be separated by
A. Chromatography
B. Sublimation
C. Fractional distillation
D. Any of them
Ques:- The concept of ecological niche was first introduced by
A. G.E. Hutchinson
B. J.Grinnell
C. E.P. Odum
D. C.C. Park

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