How to Crack Networking Interview

Explain the working of 3 bit sliding window protocol with suitable example.

What are the reasons for using layered protocols ?

Enumerate the main responsibilities of data link layer ?

What are the principles that were applied to arrive at the seven layers in OSI model?

Draw the IP datagram header format. “IP datagram has a checksum field still it is called an unreliable protocol”. Justify?

What are the two reasons for using layered protocols?

What do you mean by link to link layers of OSI reference model? Explain their functions briefly?

What is the difference between boundary level masking and non- boundary level masking? Give examples

What is the difference between LUN and RAID?

Can we extend the range of Wifi with the use of some softwares, if yes, which one? Or is there any hardware to do so, how much will it cost?

what is backup? what are those types and where those are used?

NFS server + Solaris client + Linux client, all connected at
GigE to the same switch. The Linux client is fast but the
Solaris client is slow. Explain troubleshooting steps

systems on the same switch: A can talk to B; A can talk to
C; B cannot talk to C. How do you troubleshoot the problem?

Assume you have to build 30 systems (mix of Solaris + Linux)
in a brand new place (ie: no existing infrastructure). How
do you tackle this?

FILESYSTEM scenario. A volume is filling up and almost out
of space. How do you determine what is using up your
available filesystem space?

What is the Rule of 17 concerning mapping devices to FAs?

How will you choose between synchronous and asynchronous
replication for SRDF?

What is your expertise with SymCLI? ( a few command-specific
questions may follow)

What is zoning/masking/mapping?

What EMC hardware have you worked on? (like DMX3/4 etc) –SAN

What Fabric Switch hardware have you worked on? (like
Cisco9000, Brocade 3250 etc)

what is the function of msconfig in our system…?

1).what is forest?
2).what is dns and dhcp port no’s?
3).what is file system?
4).what is terminal server?

difference between parallel and serialo communication

Can anybody send me pls questions for Windows system

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not able to connect to SBI Visa payment server…Getting
message like “Server not found”….”proxy protected by
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