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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the TESS.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at TESS.

Ques:- one man driving a car in a lonely forest .. it was raining at that moment …suddenly one of the car tyre got punchured…and he is having stephiny in his car …he gets it and he tried to fix that stephiny…when he removes the bolts of punchred tire all are gone into mud…all bolts… fell into mud…and that bolts he never get…then, how can he reach safely to home… by driving his car..?
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he removed one bolt in each three wheels
and fixed the bolts in stephiny wheel

Ques:- if ELECTRICITY – GAS =100 then JACK – JILL = ?
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The ans is -20.
C-3 D-4 …like wise till Z-26.
ELECTRICITY-GAS=129-27-(Minus 2)=100

Ques:- For which post you have came here?
Ques:- A man driving the car at twice the speed of auto one day he was driven car for 10 min. and car is failed. he left the car and took auto to go to the office .he spent 30 min. in the auto. what will be the time take by car to go office?
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Ques:- Why are you looking for a change with in three months exp inpresent company?
Ques:- Where did you find this job?

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Ques:- Why are you not interested in government job?
Ques:- When you felt sad in last 6 months ?
Ques:- What is your future plans
Ques:- Tell me something about your favorite movie?Tell me something about your favorite colour?Tell me what u did yesterday?
Ques:- The legendary king Midas possessed a huge amount of gold. He hid this treasure carefully: in a building consisting of a number of rooms. In each room there were a number of boxes; this number was equal to the number of rooms in the building. Each box contained a number of golden coins that equaled the number of boxes per room. When the king died, one box was given to the royal barber. The remainder of the coins had to be divided fairly between his six sons. Is a fair division possible in all situations?
Ques:- Do you consider yourself a self-starter? If so, explain why ( and give examples)
Ques:- How to tell the team about his past work performance?
Ques:- About personal bio data?
Ques:- How much experience in accounts and finance, MIS, budgeting you have?
Ques:- Why you going to join in this company?
Ques:- When 2 is added to half of one-third of one-fifth of a number, the result is one-fifteenth of the number. Find the number?
Ques:- Two pipes X and Y together can fill a cistern in 4 hours. Had they been opened separately, then Y would have taken 6 hours more than X to fill cistern. How much time will be taken by X to fill the cistern separately?
Ques:- The price of a T.V. set worth Rs. 20000 is to be paid in 20 installments of Rs. 1000 each. If the rate of interest be 6% per annum, and the first installment be paid at the time of purchase, then the value of the last installment covering the interest as well will be?
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