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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Silent-Aire.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Silent-Aire.

Ques:- What will be the constraints in marketing for samsung in the north east region?
Ques:- Defination of workarea and header line ?
Ques:- When working on a team project have you ever had an experience where there was strong disagreement among team members? What did you do?
Ques:- Which one among the following nontoxic gases helps in formation of enzymes which ripen fruit?
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Ethane
C. Acetylene
D. Methane
Ques:- Tell me something about mechanical equipment?
Ques:- Family background ( what does your father do ?, what does your mother do?, etc)
Ques:- How to work?
Ques:- Does each stateless session bean have its own EJBObject?
Ques:- What was your project? What difficulties you found during project and how you solved it ? What was your role in project?
Ques:- What are HEAP Tables?
Ques:- Saffron is obtained from which part of plants?
A. Stigma and style
B. Leaves
C. Stem
D. Roots
Ques:- Explain how you will load or add a model in codeigniter?
Ques:- Where you insert the rendezvous point .
Ques:- The C.P of 10 pens is equal to the S.P of 12 pens. Find his gain % or loss%?
Recent Answer : Added by abhishek On 2021-11-09 15:53:44:

1.7% loss

Ques:- Do you have knowledge on finance domain?
Ques:- In which of the following cities is Charminar situated?
A. Lucknow
B. Rajkot
C. Hyderabad
D. Mysore
Ques:- What is the Importance of accounting standards?
Ques:- Can you please tell me the negative test case for a glass of water.
Ques:- What is OOPs? Explain necessary?
Ques:- The Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) uses
A. 6 bits
B. 8 bits
C. 16 bits
D. 32 bits

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