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Ques:- 2 – 2 + 2 – 2 + …… 101 terms = ?
A. 1
B. 2
C. -2
D. None of these
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Ques:- On cutting which solid parabola would be generated
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:12:

A parabola is obtained as the intersection of a cone with a

Ques:- Past experience and personal details.
Ques:- A 16 story building has 12000ft on each floor. Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What is the number of square feet of unrented floor space?
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Ques:- Think of the 8 vertices of a given cube. You are allowed to join three vertices to form a triangle. How many such unique acute triangles can you make ??
Ques:- Who among the following has been named as Impact Person of the year for 2007 by Impact Magazine ?
Ques:- Tell us about your self. (please give me a answer out of in your C.V)
Ques:- How do you go about going into a new organization? How do you assimilate?
Ques:- . Who was the Chairman of drafting Committee to prepare adraft Constitution for India?(1) Dr. S. Radha Krishnan(2) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar(3) K.M. Munshi(4) B.N. Roy
Ques:- What should i answer if my interviewer asks me about my short and long term goals.Tell me with some example?
Ques:- Placing Rooks in a chess board
Ques:- You are not from accounts background, how would you manage?
Ques:- Physical fitness
Ques:- What you learned from MBA
Ques:- Find the missing number of the series 2, 5, 10, 17, ….
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Ques:- Kamal started a business investing Rs. 9000. After five months, Sameer joined with a capital of Rs. 8000. If at the end of the year, they earn a profit of Rs. 6970, then what will be the share of Sameer in the profit?
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Now as per question, Kamal invested for 12 months and Sameer invested for 7 months.
So, Kamal:Sameer=(9000×12​):(8000×7​)
Sameer ratio in profit will be =6970×4114​=Rs.2380

Ques:- A train running at the speed of 60 km/hr crosses a pole in 9 sec. What is the length of the train?
Recent Answer : Added by Solver On 2021-08-28 11:27:19:

speed = distence / time
60km/hr=distance / 9 sec
km / hr to m / s==> 60*1000 / 1* 3600 = 16.667
16.667*9 = distance
150 m is the answer

Ques:- Peter invested an amount of Rs. 12,000 at the rate of 10% p.a simple interest and another amount at the rate of 20% p.a. simple interest. The total interest earned at the end of one year on the total amount invested became 14% p.a. Find the total amount invested?
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Ques:- If goods be purchased for Rs.840 and one-fourth be sold at a loss of 20% at what gain percent should the remainder be sold so as to gain 20% on the whole transaction?
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