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Ques:- x==2+2^(2/3)+2^(1/3) .Then what is the value of x^3-6X^2+x ? here X^Y indicates X to the power of Y.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:04:34:

therefore,by solving
Ans: x^3-6x^2+x== -8-5*2^(2/3)-5*2^(1/3)

Ques:- If a man stands in front of sun what is the first letter of the direction which is left to him:
Recent Answer : Added by Jay On 2022-08-14 16:42:07:

The answer is W. Since, the direction left to him, would be west.

Ques:- distance D=rt where r & t are +ve and r is constant,as t increses then D_________
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:09:

D also increases
D & T are directly proportional

Ques:- Which is the biggest mistake of your life and what did you learn from that?
Ques:- A man has age in years equal to his daughters age in months and daughter age is equals to his grand daughter age in weeks and her age in weeks total age of 3 members is given 91.find out the mans age
Ques:- A moves 3 kms east from his starting point . He then travels 5 kms north. From that point he moves 8 kms to the east. How far is A from his starting point?
Recent Answer : Added by usha On 2021-11-09 15:54:01:


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Ques:- In a knockout tournament 51 teams participated. A team is out if the tournament if the team lost twice. How many matches to be held to choose the winner?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-17 06:18:22:

ans : 101 bcoz after every two matches one team is eliminated…so to eliminate 50 team there will be require 100 matches…+ 1 for deciding winner…

Ques:- How describe our city(hyderabad) in a topic round during theinterview time?
Ques:- What are some of the things on your job you feel you have done particularly well or in which you have achieved the greatest success? Why do you feel this way?
Ques:- Are you a leader?
Ques:- Personal, educational experience.
Ques:- Why do you want to be an HR in initial stage of your career?
Ques:- Tell about yoursekf out of resume?
Ques:- If you get a better job within 6 months from the date you joined in our company. Will you leave the present company?
Ques:- A bag contains a total of 93 coins in the form of one rupee and 50 paise coins. If the total value of coins in the bag is Rs.56, find the number of 50 paise coins in the bag?
Recent Answer : Added by Dhiraj dudhane On 2021-02-11 16:42:40:

Let the number of one rupee coins in the bag be x.
Number of 50 paise coins in the bag is 93 – x.
Total value of coins
[100x + 50(93 – x)]paise = 5600 paise
=> x = 74

ANS = 74

Ques:- A train 240 m in length crosses a telegraph post in 16 seconds. What is the speed of the train ?
Recent Answer : Added by jay On 2022-03-09 16:41:09:

speed = distance / time.

Ques:- What do you mean by a a storage class?
Ques:- The length of rectangle is thrice its breadth and its perimeter is 96 m, find the area of the rectangle?
Ques:- After working for 6 days, Ashok finds that only 1/3 rd of the work has been done. He employs Ravi who is 60% as efficient as Ashok. How many days more would Ravi take to complete the work?
Ques:- Two trains 140 m and 160 m long run at the speed of 60 km/hr and 40 km/hr respectively in opposite directions on parallel tracks. The time which they take to cross each other is?
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