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Ques:- About the number of pairs which have 16 as their HCF and 136 as their LCM, we can definitely say that
A. Only one such pair exists
B. No such pair exists
C. Only two such pairs exist
D. Many such pairs exist
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-23 18:49:19:

B. No such pair exists

Ques:- During a trip to a wildlife safari, 29 tourists clicked photographs of tigers, 21 clicked photos of elephants, 26
clicked photos of deer; 14 clicked photos of elephants and deer, 12 clicked photos of tigers and elephants, 15 clicked photos of deer and tigers, and 8 clicked photos of all the three animals. Each tourist took at least one photograph.

1. How many tourists went to the wildlife safari?

2. How many tourists clicked photographs of tigers only?
Recent Answer : Added by mohammed suhail On 2022-03-09 16:39:25:

1. 43 venn diagram
2. 10 using venn diagram

done it roughly chances of having wrong are their..thank u.

Ques:- If instead of multiplying a number by 7 the number was divided by 7. What should be the percentage error?
Recent Answer : Added by Rushi Maralkar On 2023-04-27 17:34:11:

% error= (new no-actual no)/actual no *100
% error= [(x/7)-7x]/7x * 100
% error= 48x/49x * 100
% error= 0.9795*100=97.95

Ques:- to travel ‘m’ miles the time is ‘h’ hours,then what is the time taken to travel M miles.
Recent Answer : Added by Successor On 2021-03-31 15:32:35:

.•. time taken to travel M miles is

So, time =distance/speed
=Mh/m hrs

Ques:- Speak for 2min about corruption?
Ques:- 2 hours after a freight train leaves Delhi a passenger train leaves the same station travelling in the same direction at an average speed of 16 km/hr. After travelling 4 hrs the passenger train overtakes the freight train. The average speed of the freight train was?
Recent Answer : Added by Kenneth R On 2022-08-14 16:46:03:

10.66 kmph

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Ques:- A certain type of mixture is prepared by mixing brand A at Rs.9 a kg. with brand B at Rs.4 a kg. If the mixture is worth Rs.7 a kg., how many kgs. of brand A are needed to make 40kgs. of the mixture?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-29 17:39:56:



Step-by-step explanation:

A + B = 40.

And at Rs 7 a kg for 40 kg, you want a total of Rs.280.

So the second equation is 9A + 4B = 280

From the first equation: B = 40 – A

and sub into the second equation:

9A + 4(40-A) = 280

9A + 160 – 4A = 280

5A = 120

A = 24.

And you should check: B should equal 40-24 = 16. Check with the final equation: 9*24 + 4*16 = 216 + 64 = 280. So it works.

Your answer, of course, is A = 24

Ques:- What do you for when you hire people?
Ques:- Where was the capital of Kanishka?
A. Purushapura
B. Kannauj
C. Taxila
D. Kandhar
Ques:- Whats position of work me job
Ques:- Family background and how many people of my family etc
Ques:- About my self, regarding customer service.
Ques:- What is present company name & work?
Ques:- Where do i live and how many family members
Ques:- Where would you like to stand after a period of 5 years?
Ques:- What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
Ques:- You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 cuts to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?
Recent Answer : Added by Dikshith Parol On 2022-08-14 16:46:37:

we consider a round shape cake.then cut in 2 equal parts in cut into center and next you have to cut its side by center then you have to get 8 equal parts in 3 exact cut

Ques:- Find the least number which when diminished by 7 is divisible by 21, 28, 36 and 45 ?
Recent Answer : Added by lalitha On 2021-12-04 15:02:04:


Ques:- The area of a sector of a circle of radius 5 cm formed by an arc of length 3.5 cm is?
Recent Answer : Added by Tayyab On 2021-12-24 03:28:00:

Pi * radius * radius
3.14 * 5 * 5

Ques:- Two trains are running at 40 km/hr and 20 km/hr respectively in the same direction. Fast train completely passes a man sitting in the slower train in 5 sec. What is the length of the fast train?
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