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Ques:- What is the difference between TE & TEM mode?
Ques:- What are your strong and weak point ?
Ques:- Data analysis related commands like grep, find, awk etc.
Ques:- What are the differences between user level and kernel level threads? how to choose one?
Ques:- What will the controller do before interrupting CPU?op
Ques:- Which file do you need to change to alter how the updatedb database is created?Choose one:a. /etc/which.confb. /etc/conf.updatedbc. /etc/updatedb.confd. /etc/conf.which
Ques:- What will be the output of the following command sequence $ x=’I am x’ $sh $echo $x A. I am x B. Blank line C. x D. None of the above
Ques:- What is the purpose of the command xargs?Choose one:a. xargs is used to pass arguments from one command to another.b. xargs is used to redirect standard output to a file.c. xargs is used to redirect standard error to a file.d. xargs is used to use the contents of a file as standard input.
Ques:- The UNIX shell ….       a) does not come with the rest of the system       b) forms the interface between the user and the kernal       c) does not give any scope for programming       d) deos not allo…
Ques:- How many processes are created in this snippet?
Ques:- Nice command in UNIX?
Ques:- In country X, democratic, conservative and justice parties have fought three civil wars in twenty years. TO restore stability an agreement is reached to rotate the top offices President, Prime Minister and Army Chief among the parties so that each?
Ques:- 1. All G’s are H’s 2. All G’s are J’s or K’s 3. All J’s and K’s are G’s 4. All L’s are K’s 5. All N’s are M’s 6. No M’s are G’s
Ques:- You want to configure your system so that when you create a new user a customized .bash_logout file will be created in the new user's home directory. How can you do this?Choose one:a. Copy the .bash_logout file to the new user's home directory.b. Copy the .bash_logout file to the /etc/skel directory.c. Copy the .bash_logout file to the /etc directory.d. Rename the .bash_logout file to BASH_LOGOUT
Ques:- What is the 12th term of the series 2, 5, 8, …. ?
Ques:- You wish to have all mail messages except those of type info to the /var/log/mailmessages file. Which of the following lines in your /etc/syslogd.conf file would accomplish this?Choose one:a. mail.*;mail!=info /var/log/mailmessagesb. mail.*;mail.=info /var/log/mailmessagesc. mail.*; /var/log/mailmessagesd. mail.*;mail.!=info /var/log/mailmessages
Ques:- What daemon is responsible for tracking events on your system?
Ques:- Print value of present directory using UNIX command
Ques:- The letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G, not necessarily in that order, stand for seven consecutive integers from 1 to 10 D is 3 less than A B is the middle term F is as much less than B as C is greater than D G is greater than …
Ques:- In Unix inter process communication take place using?.
Ques:- For a motorist there are three ways going from City A to City C. By way of bridge the distance is 20 miles and toll is $0.75. A tunnel between the two cities is a distance of 10 miles and toll is $1.00 for the vehicle and driver and $0.10 for each…
Ques:- How do you debug a core dump?
Ques:- Ls || date will A. print the name of the files in the current directory B. print today’s date and time C. (A) followed by (B) D. none of the above
Ques:- The very first process created by the kernal that runs till the kernal process halts is       a) init       b) getty      c) both (a) and (b)      d) none of these
Ques:- What is the name and path of the main system log?
Ques:- Is Windows NT a full blown object oriented operating system? Give reasons
Ques:- What utility can you use to automate rotation of logs?
Ques:- What file would you edit in your home directory to change which window manager you want to use?A) XinitB) .xinitrcC) XF86SetupD) xstartE) xf86init
Ques:- A frog in a well 30 ft deep jumps 3 ft slips 2 ft each day.How many days does take on the whole?
Ques:- How can deadlock be detected and prevented in practical scenarios?
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