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What is Shared DB Connection in Talend?

We can use same DB connection within job multiple times by creating a shared DB connection in basic settings of the first DB connection component.

How can you store job logs using AMC?

we can activity AMC by enabling user errors,warning and run time error in stats and log tab under job window.either we can log the entries in DataBase or Files or Console.

What will contain in exported files from talend?

It includes .properties, .screenshot and .item files.

How can you export job?

Select the job from repository view, right click and then export job. There you can specify if you want this export this job only or dependencies also.

Can we call job within job?

yes using trunjob component. In properties of trunjob component job name can be selected.

Difference between tjava, tjavarow and tjavaflex component in talend?

tjava – execute only once,

tjavarow – execute for each row,

tjavaflex – if we want to perform specific task at certain time for that row. tjavaflex contains three sections: Start (code written here will execute before processing any row), Main (code will execute for each row), End (code will execute after processing every row).

How can we write the customized java code in Talend?

First is using routines. Routines can be used in multiple job.

Second is using components like tjava, tjavarow and tjavaflex in talend job. If we are writing code using component then that is only applicable for that specific job.

How can you add component in your talend job?

  • Component can be select from palette view and then drag and drop.

  • In designer view you can type the component name and then select.

How to create a job?

Go to Repository View, Right Click on Job Designs and then create job.

What is Talend job?

It includes components to perform different task of integration.

Name the services offered by Talend?

Data Integration, Data Management, Cloud, bigdata..

What is Talend?

open source software. Implemented in java language. So whatever you create in talend in backend code will generate in java.