Draftsman/ Draughtsman - Electrical

Ques:- What is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.
Ques:- The corona effect is more ina) summer b) winter c) dry weather d)humidity weather
Ques:- What is LOP Sensor in DG??????
Ques:- What is Diff. btw Cat-5 & Cat-6 Network Cables???
Ques:- How capacitor active and reactive.
Ques:- WHY WE NOT USE 2-20mA,1-20mA,3-20mA or 10-50mA SIGNAL? INSTEAD OF 4-20mA.
Ques:- Induction motor. we have a three phase supply from diffrent source like R= transformer. Y = DG sets. B = ups. if motor is runing.
Ques:- When an induction motor runs on load.at that time if we reduce the supply voltage the current increases.But when it runs without load,if we reduce the supply voltage the current also reduced.why?.i checked it practically also.
Ques:- How we detect the leakage current of 11 KV H.T. motors and waht is the maximim limit?
Ques:- If we give 60 hz single phase supply to the transformer usedin europe , than what will happen
Ques:- Why are you looking for a change with in three months exp inpresent company?
Ques:- Which is your dream company and why?
Ques:- I have 2 motor of same rating. on no load condition one motor take 1.6A but other motor is taking 4.8A. what is the reason of this. please explain with proof.
Ques:- Why sec of ct should be kept shorted
Ques:- What is Specific Gravity of the Electrolyte used in Lead Acid Battery????What is Unit????
Ques:- How is electricity converted from the potential energy of water falling from dams?
Ques:- We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw 33kv from the grid instead of 11kv?
Ques:- What is the difference between Earthing,Grounding and neutral?
Ques:- What is the equation of insulating resistance of motor???
Ques:- In case of 3Phase Supply, Voltage R-Earth/Neutral – 220 Y-Earth/Neutral – 220 Z-Earth/Neutral – 220 Total is -> 660VoltsThen Why it is said that 3Phase supply is 440
Ques:- What is the resultant phase shift in a 3 phase power systemincluding neutral if on or more phases gets grounded orshort circuited.kindly explain in detail for the reasons…
Ques:- Difference between servo motor and synchronous motor
Ques:- What's is the difference between IVT and CVT?
Ques:- How can we measure and monitor critical performance parameters of Diesel Generator Sets, both electrical and engine ?
Ques:- Generally on the roadside v hav 11kv line which is beingstep down to 440v line to line….so any1 can tell me whichtype of transformer they r using whether it is star todelta,delta to star etc…???
Ques:- Difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????
Ques:- What is aim?
Ques:- Who is your role model & why?
Ques:- What is relation between electronics&instrumentation
Ques:- What is the Chemical Formula of Mineral Oil used in Transformer. It is Challenged for all Chemical Engineers.
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