Top 10 Job Search Websites in USA

The United States provides millions of jobs through job search portals including international and local as well as paid and free. However, it is a tough task to identify a perfect portal to invest some money from your recruitment budget for better opportunities. These are the top ten job boards in the US that provide better services, which are as follows:


it is a large website that includes more than 125 million profiles of different candidates, which is suitable for employers and employees as well. CareerBuilder provides three basic plans based on your needs that are LITE, STANDARD, and PRO. These plans are very helpful for unemployed people.


This provides pay per job option as well in which you can pay for each job. The USA is well money-minded country and people want a better life that is based on jobs. Therefore, CareerBuilder is highly used for managing professional life.

2. Glassdoor:

Glassdoor provides better opportunities to the candidates in terms of branding and job status. You can use this website to grab the best opportunities that will provide better success in the future. The US-based job websites are highly managed and well-developed sites. Employers can take reviews from their former and existing employees, which is useful for managing job boards.

Glassdoor provides transparency and honesty in their website, which is highly required for employers and employees as well. Glassdoor managed more than 80 million of company reviews and insights that were provided by employees. Job seekers can search their desired jobs with different types of information including salary data, corporate culture, benefits, and others.

3. Indeed

Indeed provide a wide platform for employers to invest for their better growth, as employees are key to get success in the business. There are many options available on the website to manage all the factors and skills in a candidate. Indeed provides better options for advertising and marketing for employers as well in the US.

Indeed provides 10 new jobs in every 10 seconds to their employees and boasting 300 million monthly users as well. We can choose Indeed as a job board based on its number of companies, candidates, and update frequency in the US. Indeed provides jobs without any charge and registration.

4. Monster:

Monster was founded in the year 1994 to manage companies and employees. Now, every minute more than 30 resumes are uploaded and more than 8000 queries are entered on the Monster website. However, it provides fewer search filters and fewer j0ob opportunities as compared to other job websites.

It provides faster response to their candidates based on their search that includes location, position, industries, and other factors. Besides, comparison tool is also available to compare companies. Monster takes a change for some additional information up to $129 to $349 in the USA.

5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs was founded in the year 2007 by Sara Sutton. It is the first job site that provides hand-screened remote jobs. FlexJobs is a well-known website for finding remote jobs. However, the database is not strong but it provides better opportunities for candidates. Flex Jobs has initiated minimum charges based on the monthly basis and it charges $6.95 for seven days subscription. Besides, monthly changes are $14.95 and $49.95 for a year. The best thing is that if you are not satisfied with the services that FlexJobs will refund your cost within 30 upcoming days.



6. Ladders:

Ladders the Company has founded in the year 2003 and now it’s known as “the home of $100000 career”. Ladders is also useful for networking platforms and career newsrooms as well as job websites.

Ladders includes various industries that are providing thousands of jobs such as engineering, finance, software, human resources, digital marketing, and many others.

7. LinkedIn

The world’s largest networking platform for professionals is LinkedIn. It has managed more than 750 million of registered users from various countries as well as different industries. It is an open area to know about the various industries and professionals in the US. LinkedIn provides direct connections with recruiters as well. You can send message to those people which are not connected with you.

LinkedIn is also a useful tool for recruiters as it provides a direct connection with experts as well, which is suitable for various industries.

8. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter provides great opportunities in the US for employers to post their jobs and get better candidates for their companies. ZipRecruiter provides details to n100 + job recruiting websites as well.

It has included more than 20 million candidates’ profiles including their skills, experience, and many others.

9. Snagajob

Snagajob is popular for hourly work, as it includes ads from retail and hospitality industries. Snagajob has included more than 90 million candidates network, which provides better candidates for your requirement.

This is a new trend in the industry in which people are working on an hourly basis. Snagajob provides a better network to employers that makes easy processing for them.

10. Getwork

Getwork is managing all the job boards using proprietary technology. The best thing of Getwork is providing jobs with the same hours to candidates.

It provides better opportunities to candidates from different industries including finance, education, engineering, healthcare, marketing, software, law, and others.

Top 10 Job Search Websites in USA
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