Top 10 hosting companies in USA

Top ten hosting companies in USA

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is the most popular website for web hosting in the USA. It is the best choice for saving money on web hosting in the USA. The main concept of Hostinger is providing better services at the lowest price to their customer, such as $1.39/month is a minimum charge for web hosting. However, these rates are promotions and they will increase at the time of renewal of hosting.


2. Bluehost:

Many people like Bluehost for hosting their website because of its benefits and fast services. Bluehost provides great and incredibly affordable prices to their users. Besides, Bluehost is always ready to solve your problems regarding web hosting using live chat and customer care numbers. Bluehost also provides amazing SEO and analytics tool help you in optimizing your site issues and get better performance.


3. DreamHost:

DreamHost provides solid hosting performance to its subscribers. It includes new plans in which users can take 1 website with unlimited traffic. Besides, it provides an SSL certificate in free of cost, which is a great deal. Moreover, DreamHost provides one and three-year’s plans to its users. However, it is not less than Hostinger but it is a good to deal for many subscribers.

4. Hostgator:

It is best for minimal needs, as HostGator provides better services to simple websites in the best manner. Many websites are having few pages including contact, landing, and about pages. It is a supportive and cheap vendor for web hosting solutions.


You can take support using live chat, phone, and emails.


This is a new trend in the market, as most of the companies have supported green computing and renewable energy sources for managing their business processes. GreenGeeks is one of them that have used renewable energy sources to power generation for their web hosting services all around the world including the USA. This is a good start to the plant and they provide great solutions, solid uptime, and fast speeds for various services.


SiteGround is built to provide fast speed to its users with a high level of security, especially for WordPress Sites. site ground provides better and fast service and includes value-added packages on a yearly basis. It can be used to manage your site based on your site pages and users.


7. A2 Hosting:

This is fast and reliable shared hosting, as A2 Hosting provides 20X faster than other servers. There are various tools for managing the website and SEO as well as you can installs CMS in one click such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and others. You can update your site as well for better performance and services, which will increase your status as well.

8. InMotion Hosting:

InMotion provides excellent services to its customers using a better assortment of plans. InMotion offers the best customer support service that is highly required to longtime customers as well as new ones. In addition to that, InMotion provides promo pricing that is mind-blowing. Thus, you can take all those services at less price such as $5/ month. InMotion is well-known for VPS hosting in the USA.

9. WP Engine:

It is known for WordPress hosting, as WP Engine offers truly excellent products to its longtime customers in the USA. They provide dedicated services based on your demand with high uptime and customer support. Besides, there are many good impacts in the hosting services because of WP Engine. WP engine is the best choice for managing the business on WordPress.

10. Nexess:

They offer web hosting solutions from liquid Web. Nexess provides e-commerce hosting for various platforms including Magento, WordPress, Sylius, Woocommerce, Orocrm, and others. Moreover, all the things are based on services and technologies. Nexess offers a dedicated customer care support system which is available 24/7 to suggest and guide to solve technical issues with their customers.

Top 10 hosting companies in USA
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