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What is the benefit of Active Directory ?

Hi ,

I need help form u. I need information about Cloud
storage.As a test engineer how can i test the cloud storage.

what i need to learn before going to test the cloud storage

These are the some of the Questions related to Cloud Storage.

1. What is meant by Cloud Storage?

2. What cloud storage Requires?

3. What factors should you consider before implementing
cloud storage?

4. How do Private storage clouds compare with large
commercial cloud service offerings?

5. Where to use Public Cloud storage?

6. Where to use Private Cloud storage?

7. Where exactly the cloud storage will be used?

8. Cloud storage means Maintaining the data some ware in
server or what?
If they Maintain data where it will save?

9. In which Environment the cloud storage can be developed?

10. Is the Cloud storage support XP OS?

11. Up to what extent the tester should know about cloud
storage to test the storage part?

Mainly send me the details how testers are going to test the
Cloud storage application.

how do u scan the client machine from server (AVG, McAfee &