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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Usd.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Usd.

Ques:- What is the difference between StringBuffer and String class?
Ques:- Which Validation Control Should I use to select at least one value in Dropdown List control
Ques:- For which word, the letter ‘G’ has been used in ‘2G Spectrum’?
A. Google
B. Generation
C. Government
D. Global
Ques:- What is union and what is difference between Union all or Union in Sql?
Ques:- What are the main things we have to keep in mind while writing the testcases? pls explain with format by giving an example.2. how we can write functional and integration testcases?pls explain with format by giving examples3. explain the water fall model and V- model of software development life cycles with block diagrams
Ques:- What are envirnment variables in qtp?
Ques:- What about VAT like Tax Setups in AP and AR?
Ques:- Tanya wants to go on a date and prefers her date to be tall, dark and handsome.

1. Of the preferred traits - tall, dark and handsome - no two of Adam, Bond, Cruz and Dumbo have the same number.

2. Only Adam or Dumbo is tall and fair.

3. Only Bond or Cruz is short and handsome.

4. Adam and Cruz are either both tall or both short.

5. Bond and Dumbo are either both dark or both fair.

Who is Tanya's date?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:53:31:

adam becoz cruz can’t be hansome

Ques:- Personal qualification, project work
Ques:- What do you think the role of test-group manager should be?
Ques:- What will happen if we generate GDG (+2) version without generating (+1) version?
Ques:- What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?
Ques:- What are limitations of Ajax?
Ques:- In RMI, is the server object first loaded into the memory and then the stub reference is sent to the client or a stub reference is directly sent to the client?
Ques:- Looking for information on the Internet is called ___
A. Skipping
B. Seeing
C. Hosting
D. Surfing or browsing
Ques:- What is the objectives of virtual object?
Ques:- Draw the stick diagram of a NOR gate. Optimize it
Ques:- Can we declare final variables in side a method.
Ques:- What is Defect Life Cycle in Manual Testing?
Ques:- Abhays age after three years will be three-seventh of his fathers age . ten years ago ,the ratio of their ages was 1:5 . what is Abhays fathers age at present ?(*** plz give explanation also***)
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:44:55:

let present age of abhay be ‘x’
and his father’s present age be ‘y’
solving the above 2 equations….

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