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Ques:- if clouds are air, air are water and so on where birds fly?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:02:

Birds fly on water.

Ques:- The minute and the hour hand of a watch meet every 65 minutes. How much does the watch lose or gain time and by how much?
Ques:- There are so many big companies like Reliance, Satyam,Infosys etc…But, y do u want to work for our company only?
Ques:- Can you work well under deadline or pressure?
Ques:- 5 men or 8 women do equal amount of work in a day. a job requires 3 men and 5 women to finish the job in 10 days how many woman are required to finish the job in 14 days.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-29 17:03:59:

Lets assume total LCM(5,8) = 40units.
As, 5 men or 8 women do equal amount of work in a day,
1 Man does 8units/day and 1 Woman does 5units/day.
3M and 5W in 10 days do (3*8 + 5*5)*10 = 490units
To do 490 units in 14 days, number of Women required = 490/(14*5) = 7

Ques:- When was the last occasion you asked for direct feedback from a superior or a customer? How did you then use this knowledge to improve your personal performance?
Ques:- If you come onboard, give me a general idea of what your first overall tasks will be as far as starting a quality effort.
Ques:- Perimeter of front wheel =30, back wheel = 20. If front wheel revolves 240 times. How many revolutions will the back wheel take?
Recent Answer : Added by Abhi On 2021-07-21 15:24:51:


Ques:- About my family and kids?
Ques:- Are you ready to work as a Fresher or Trainee?
Ques:- Family member and responsibilities
Ques:- Why you going to join in this company?
Ques:- How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?
Ques:- Reactions on a situation ( Given at that time)
Ques:- A train crosses a platform of 150 m in 15 sec, same train crosses another platform of length 250 m in 20 sec. then what is the length of the train?
Recent Answer : Added by Shanmukh Kancherla On 2022-09-15 16:36:13:

length of train = 150 m

Ques:- How many numbers up to 100 are divisible by 7?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-30 16:27:11:

divide 100 by 7, and you get 14.28. (Obviously you aren’t talking about decimals here) and so 14 numbers can be divisible by 7 up to 100.

The answer is 14.

Ques:- Complete the series 196 : 256 :: 324 : __
Recent Answer : Added by Shakshi Shah On 2021-08-04 15:53:51:

Answer is 400.(14^2=196, 16^2=256, 18^2=324, 20^2=400.)

Ques:- What should be the least number to be added to the 51234 number to make it divisible by 9?
Recent Answer : Added by Enock Wasswa Male On 2021-11-13 11:02:23:


Ques:- Are you applying for other jobs? Do you have any other offer in hand?

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