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Ques:- Which file in tally is used to record the import activity?
A. Tally.dat
B. Tally.imp
C. Tally.ini
D. None of the above
Ques:- The ____ on the Start menu offers an alternate method to start applications or open data files.
A. Run command
B. Find command
C. Settings command
D. All programs
Ques:- How do you define a vector for a data structure?
Ques:- How to handle Varinat passed to COM components?
Ques:- Statement :
Monitoring has become an integral part in the planning of social development programmes. It is recommended that Management Information System be developed for all programmes. This is likely to give a feedback on the performance of the functionaries and the efficiency with which services are being delivered.
Conclusions :
I. All the social development programmes should be evaluated.
II. There is a need to monitor the performance of workers.
A. if only conclusion I follows
B. if only conclusion II follows
C. if either I and II follows
D. if neither I nor II follows and
E. if both I and II follow
Ques:- What's the difference b/w Java command line arg.s & C command line arg.s?
Ques:- 3 Rules Accounting Standards
Ques:- What is the difference between ID and CLASS?
Ques:- Our one Company Profit is 67.61 Lakh, How to Calculate Advance Tax For First Qurter Als?
Ques:- Describe two phases of Two-phase commit ?
Ques:- What type of retail sales systems have you used?
Ques:- Friend
A. Acquaintance
B. Competitor
C. Rival
D. Foe
Ques:- What is Kernel-Level Threads?
Ques:- Give a sorted array of huge size. The array cannot fit in memory. How would you do binary search in such a array?
Ques:- c=a/b ; a-1=c What is the relation between a&b
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Ques:- I bought a car with a peculiar 5 digit numbered license plate which on reversing could still be read. On reversing value is increased by 78633.Whats the original number if all digits were different?
Ques:- What are environment variables?
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Each process in Unix has its own set of environment
variables. They’re called environment variables because the
default set of such variables consists mostly of session-
wide variables used for configuration purposes.
From the point of a Unix shell though, environment
variables can be accessed the same way as any other
Common environment variables in Unix
Most well known environment variables are the following:
USER – username of a Unix user
HOME – full path to a user’s home directory
TERM – terminal or terminal emulator used by a current user
PATH – list of directories searched for executable files
when you type a command in Unix shell
PWD – current directory

Ques:- Memory allocation for static varibles(when,which segment etc)
Ques:- What is Drupal blocks?
Ques:- What was the exact constitutional status of the Indian Republic on 26th January, 1950 when the constitution was inaugurated?
A. A Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic
B. A Sovereign Democratic Republic
C. A Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic
D. A Democratic Republic

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