Tracxn Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Tracxn is a comprehensive market intelligence platform that specializes in tracking startups across various industries globally. Founded in 2013 by Abhishek Goyal and Neha Singh, Tracxn aims to provide valuable insights into emerging technology trends, investment opportunities, and competitive landscapes for investors, corporates, and startups themselves.

The platform employs a combination of data aggregation, machine learning algorithms, and expert curation to gather and analyze information on startups, their funding rounds, leadership changes, product launches, and more. This curated data helps users stay informed about the latest developments in their areas of interest and identify promising investment opportunities or potential competitors.

Tracxn's coverage spans over 300 industry segments, including sectors like e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, and enterprise software, making it a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking to understand the dynamics of the rapidly evolving startup ecosystem.

Ques:- A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils or 15books.He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses and purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase with the remaining money.
A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. none
Ques:- How many years of working experience you have as computer operator?
Ques:- 9 balls are there one of them is of higher wt and remaining all are of same. given is one weighing scale and you can use it two times. How will you find the heavy ball in two trials only.
Ques:- Give me an example of your creativity (analytical skill?managing ability, etc.)
Ques:- How do you get people who do not want to work together to establish a common approach to a problem?
Ques:- What would u do, if u become a prime minister of urcountry for six months
Ques:- Rearrange MERGANY
Ques:- If a light flashes every 6 seconds, how many times will it flash in ? of an hour?
Ques:- What is the length of the longest pole which can be kept in a room 12 m long, 4 m broad and 3 m high?
Ques:- Will you stay for longer period.
Ques:- My job profile
Ques:- The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6:7. If Q is 4 years old than P, what will be the ratio of the ages of P and Q after 4 years?
Ques:- What type of reports you are generating in your company…???
Ques:- Mr. Rahul spends 30% of his monthly salary on domestic expenses. He spends respectively 20% and 10% of the remaining salary on education of children and conveyance. Of the remaining amounts now he spends respectively 20% and 30%on entertainment and maintenance of house. He saves Rs.5512.50. what is the monthly salary of Mr. Rahul?
A. Rs. 22,500
B. Rs. 20,000
C. Rs. 25,000
D. Rs. 24,500
E. None of these
Ques:- If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
Ques:- A computer printer produces 176400 lines in a given day. If the printer is in operation for 7 hrs during the day how many lines did it print per minute?
Ques:- Tell about friendship
Ques:- In pure milk if 20% replaced by water and in this again 20% is replaced by water and again 20% is replaced by water then what is the proportion of milk in that mixture
Ques:- A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?(a) 110 men(b) 130 men(c) 100 men(d) none of these
Ques:- Which country is nearest to the South Pole?(a) Australia(b) New Zealand(c) Chile(d) South Africa
Ques:- What will be the value of 25 mps in kmph?
Ques:- It comes once in a year and twice in a week what is that?
Ques:- Your area of interest in studies.
Ques:- What is your contribution of the Branch?
Ques:- Three pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours. C is closed A and B can fill the remaining par in 7 hours. The number of hours taken by C alone to fill the tank is?
Ques:- to travel ‘m’ miles the time is ‘h’ hours,then what is the time taken to travel M miles.
Ques:- In an exam, Amar scored 64 percent, Bhavan scored 36 percent and Chetan 44 percent. The maximum score awarded in the exam is 800. Find the average mark scored by all the three boys?
Ques:- What is your core area of competency?
Ques:- About the work experience and job profile handled.
Ques:- How much salary do you want to received?

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