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Ques:- The H.C.F. of two numbers is 8. Which one of the following can never be their L.C.M.?
A. 24
B. 48
C. 56
D. 60
Recent Answer : Added by Dhanaraj On 2022-08-14 16:46:52:


Ques:- What smallest number should be subtracted from 6708 so that it may be divided by 9?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Recent Answer : Added by Sneka A On 2022-08-14 16:35:53:


Ques:- Find out the wrong number in each sequence:
8, 13, 21, 32, 47, 63, 83
A. 32
B. 47
C. 63
D. 83
Recent Answer : Added by A.Madhav On 2022-01-08 16:06:20:

47 is answer by consecutive adding of

Ques:- if a boat is moving in upstream with v1 km/hr and in the down stream it is moving with v2 km/hr then what is the speed of the stream.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:03:

1.5 km/hour

Ques:- There are 3 sticks placed at right angles to each other and a sphere is placed between the sticks . Now another sphere is placed in the gap between the sticks and Larger sphere . Find the radius of smaller sphere in terms of radius of larger sphere.
Ques:- A Roman was born the first day of the 35th year before Christ and died the first day of the 35th year after Christ. How many years did he live?
Recent Answer : Added by Aditya Arunrao Khaparkar On 2021-09-23 15:56:05:

A Roman was born the first day of the 35th year before Christ means before the start of year 0, 35 years has been past and died the first day of the 35th year after Christ means 35th year is about to start at his death so only 34 years has been completed so total years = 69

Ques:- Suppose a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7. How long will it take to strike 10?
Ques:- Total expreince ,last jobs & educational qualification.
Ques:- What u know about google?
Ques:- Tell us about your experience in handling grievances.
Ques:- Why I hire you and why i don't hire you?
Ques:- Here is a sequence of numbers: 1 11 21 1211 111221 It seems to be a strange sequence, but yet there is a system behind it… What is the next term in this sequence?
Recent Answer : Added by Kajal Thosar On 2022-05-17 09:09:10:


Ques:- If you come onboard, give me a general idea of what your first overall tasks will be as far as starting a quality effort.
Ques:- There is a pyramid with 1 cup at level , 2 at level 2 , 3 at level 3 and so on.. It looks something like this 1 2 3 …
Ques:- What you want ot do?
Ques:- Achievements in my career.
Ques:- Current job in Shreesurya group
Ques:- About myself, about experience, about my working ability & potentiality.
Ques:- The average monthly salary of laborers and supervisors in a factory is Rs.1250 per month; where as the average monthly salary of 6 supervisors is Rs.2450. If the average monthly salary of the laborers is Rs.950 find the number of laborers?
Ques:- Two numbers 4242 and 2903 when divided by a certain number of three digits, leave the same remainder. Find the number?

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