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Ques:- If 1/x = 3.5. then 1/(x+2) =
Ques:- What is the equivalent compound ratio of 5:6::7:10::6:5?
Recent Answer : Added by Kushalbabu On 2021-07-21 15:24:53:


Ques:- A seller has a set of apples out of which he sells one half of it and half an apple to his first customer.then he sells half of the remaining apples and a half apple to his second customer.Then he sells half of the remaining apple and ? apple to his third customer and so on.This repeats upto 7th customer and no more apples are remaining . Find the total no of apples he had.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:24:

I think U r wrong Tina,because
according to u,
1st customer=43 apples
2nd customer=21.5 apples
An apple cannot be cut
I think the answer is 127 check it out…

Ques:- Suppose you already have job offer and giving to interview to other new company. What reasoning should be given if other company employer asks that about reasons to not accept that job offer. I mean why you will not accept that offer if we will offer you?
Ques:- A boy travels in a scooter. After covering 2/3rd of the distance, the wheel got punctured. He covered the remaining distance by walking. Walking time is twice of the time taken in scooter. How many times the riding speed is of the walking speed?…
Ques:- There were 36 chairs. how many ways can they be placed such that all rows have equal no. of chairs and at least three chairs are there in each row and there are at least three rows
Recent Answer : Added by DEANDRA Lynette WOLLEY On 2021-12-09 18:39:53:


Ques:- A computer shop consists 3 brands laptop. Laptop of brand A is sold 3/16, B is sold 1/16 and C is sold 3/4 then what fraction is sold by the shop in all.
Recent Answer : Added by jay On 2022-08-14 16:45:19:

Answer: 1 / 3

Lets say each brand had 16 laptops
So Sold : A = 3 , B= 1 and C = 12 , total sold: 16 ,
Since each brand has 16 , total = 48
so 16/ 48 = 1/3 is the sold fraction

Ques:- How did you become interested in the position of cabin crew?
Ques:- World Golf Championship, 2007 has been won by?
Ques:- Who made an impact with the New Look after establishinga Paris salon in 1947?
A. Christian Dior
B. Coco Chanel
C. Elsa Schiaparelli
D. Hubert de Givenchy
Recent Answer : Added by H Chris Sparks On 2022-04-02 06:57:48:

A. Christian Dior

Ques:- What is the most biggest problem that you ever had in your life,and what did you do to make it right?..
Ques:- Two friends, Alex and Bob, go to a bookshop, together with their sons Peter and Tim. All four of them buy some books; each book costs a whole amount in shillings. When they leave the bookshop, they notice that both fathers have spent 21 shillings more than their respective sons. Moreover, each of them paid per book the same amount of shillings as books that he bought. The difference between the number of books of Alex and Peter is five. Who is the father of Tim?
Ques:- How do you motivate your team members?
Ques:- Any Recent Movie you Saw Tell Me Story in Short ?
Ques:- Asked about me my qualification and typing speed
Ques:- Apptitude group discussion
Ques:- Evaluate the average of first 10 even numbers is?
Recent Answer : Added by Praveen Kumar On 2022-08-24 17:03:13:


Ques:- The sum of the present ages of two persons A and B is 60. If the age of A is twice that of B, find the sum of their ages 5 years hence?
Recent Answer : Added by OLUCHI Perpetual Ndimkaoha On 2022-09-22 16:40:12:


Ques:- The average runs scored by a batsman in 20 matches is 40. In the next 10 matches the batsman scored an average of 13 runs. Find his average in all the 30 matches?
Recent Answer : Added by Sonali On 2020-11-17 15:27:47:


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