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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Telliant systems.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Telliant systems.

Ques:- The sum of all the prime numbers from 1 to 20 is
A. 75
B. 76
C. 77
D. 78
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Ques:- The largest natural number by which the product of three consecutive even natural numbers is always divisible is
A. 16
B. 24
C. 48
D. 96
Recent Answer : Added by narendra On 2022-09-18 09:01:37:


Ques:- what is your approach to working under pressure?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:05:57:

under pressure a person more effort to his work

Ques:- What is RAS
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:04:07:

Remote Access Service

Ques:- There are two balls touching each other circumferencically. The radius of the big ball is 4 times the diameter of the small all. The outer small ball rotates in anticlockwise direction circumferencically over the bigger one at the rate of 16 rev/sec. The bigger wheel also rotates anticlockwise at N rev/sec. What is 'N' for the horizontal line from the centre of small wheel always is horizontal.
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Ques:- Who is the present Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ?
Ques:- Where is the objective of Social Justice included in the Constitution of India?
Ques:- Where do you work now?
Ques:- Can you explain why should we select you fromthe number of applications we have received?
Ques:- Tell me about a situation when you were given job instructions and you were unable to comprehend the instructions. How did you go about completing the task?
Ques:- Who referred you to this company?
Ques:- How do you motivate your team members?
Ques:- For what reasons you want to join this organization?
Ques:- About the Personal background, Qualification, Work Experience, Knowledge about Retailing.
Ques:- Are you residing in rented house/own house?
Ques:- What is your work experience and how do you give your best to our company
Ques:- A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is?
Recent Answer : Added by Shitoshe Wangatia On 2021-12-11 15:07:20:

Simple interest Formula:

Solve the sums using Elimination method.
Toget Principal

Ques:- The average salary per head of the entire staff of an office including the officers and clerks is Rs.90. The average salary of officers is Rs.600 and that of the clerks is Rs.84. If the number of officers is 2, find the number of officers in the office?
Ques:- Two men and three women working 7 hours a day finish a work in 5 days. Four men and four women working 3 hours a day complete the work in 7 days. The number of days in which only 7 men working 4 hours a day will finish the work is?
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Ques:- Two pipes can fill a tank in 20 and 24 minutes respectively and a waste pipe can empty 3 gallons per minute. All the three pipes working together can fill the tank in 15 minutes. The capacity of the tank is?
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